Life has been so busy since my Husband crossed over..

Living for the living  and still tying up  everything that must be

handled.. Dealing  with the unethical is difficult.. At times I wish

I still had my waffle bat.. Ussed it many times in teaching

Honor and Honesty are a must in order to keep your Integrity.

The Family Reunion  went well  and a dream was full

filled..Connecting with my Brother whom I saw for less than 3 hours when he was four months old.. was with him for 2

weeks when I was a teen ager..Then for 1\2 a day ar our

Fathers  funeral.. Always knew He was mine, yet Adults

sometimes seperate  and never consider  how it affects the

children...We are old enough  we hold no hostility towards

Our Parents.. But we as Family will move forward, never

looking back..unless it is to share a Blessing

Questions  have been asked by some of my Great, Great

Grand Children.. So Started a New Page in Their Story Books

How high is Heaven Grandma ?

What does your Great Spirit  say about Shooting Stars &

Falling Stars ?

Can I learn  to hear the Voices of the wind, rain. silence

and the  animals like you say you do Grandma??  The young

always have questions..

Now I have only  1 more weekend  that I was committed to 

before everything happened.. The Hood to Coast Race and 

with my  Children involved  I will   be here for them and

support them as in the past years of the race.

Hope all of you  have a Great Week 

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Blessings to you for peace, comfort, joy and love


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