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Osiyo My Brother,
Here, just south of the Canadian border on the Pacific side the days are very fall like with all the beautiful colors and morning temperatures just above freezing. It is a beautiful time of year and as seasons change I wish you and yours good health, joy and the opportunity to share a smile with another along with a kind word. Stay warm and dry!!!

Wet is the word for today and the rest of the week according to our weatherman on channel 12
But as a child I learned to dance in the rain. So that's the goal today as I collect some pine cones


At 1230 PM PDT, Doppler radar was tracking a strong thunderstorm
capable of producing a funnel cloud near Cathlamet moving southeast
at 20 mph.

Pea size hail, winds in excess of 30 mph and a funnel cloud will be
possible with this storm.

Locations impacted include…
Cathlamet, East Cathlamet, Westport and Puget Island.

In Washington this includes State Route 4 between mile markers 35 and

In Oregon this includes U.S. Highway 30 west of Portland between mile
markers 65 and 79.


Funnel clouds are possible with this storm. Funnel clouds are
rotating columns of air that do not reach the ground. Thus, they do
not pose a threat to life and property unless they do reach the
ground and become a tornado.

Wet and High Winds all this afternoon and still blowing
strong enough to remove leaves that weren't ready to fall..

High winds, heavy rain. they say is moving in but our people are already dealing with trees down and other problems

Cloudy and lots of rain here as well. Fall colors are beautiful for sure and when the Wind Spirits move quickly it creates a wondrous curtain of yellows, reds, golds and browns. So grateful to have the physical eyes to see....Stay warm and comfy all...have a great weekend....and if it isn't so great right now...reach within and make it great!!!!

Today is the first of November and we are getting rain to start the month off with snow coming by tomorrow. I had hoped to get out today and mulch the leaves but the Cloud People had other plans for me....like get my shovel and snow blower ready and dig out the winter boots and caps. This is the season of healing for our Earth Mother...water spirits to cleanse her face from human pollution and to fill our streams and lakes for all the critters who enjoy her water veins. Bears in the area are making their final rounds eating fallen apples and pears before their sleepy time. Beautiful here and hope you surround yourself with beauty as well.
Snow-ho-ho !!

Getting our first snow of the season that is more than just a dusting this time....coming down like crazy but beautiful as can be!!! Hope you all are warm and safe with those you love.....

Tomorrow will be a read a book day if this predicted weather forecast is right

907 AM PST Wed Jan 10 2018



The National Weather Service in Portland has upgraded the High Winds Watch to a High Wind Warning for areas near beaches and headlands, which is in effect from 8 AM to 5 PM PST Thursday.

* WINDS…South 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 60 mph.

* TIMING…The strongest winds will occur on Thursday between mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

* IMPACTS…Strong winds may blow down trees, branches, and power lines. Isolated power outages are possible.

Been crazy weather up this way also Loretta...plenty of snow on the ground but rain the last few days, clear today and 47 and now calling for snow to about 6" or more over night and into tomorrow from the same system hitting your area in upper Oregon. Very unusual weather for this far north but things are changing everywhere it seems. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in California who just had fires and now mud slides from barren hill sides and a lot of rain. Each day is a gift to never take for granted...
Hope everyone here is having a good new year!!!!

Thinking Brother Tsoi has shifted the winds my way
so i can share what he has had these last few days
this notice just came out

North Oregon Coast-Central Oregon Coast-
Coast Range of Northwest Oregon-

Including the cities of Astoria, Cannon Beach,

344 PM PST Fri Feb 16 2018



– Snow expected to mix in with rain showers down to sea level on
Sunday for all areas including the coast and interior
lowlands…including the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River.
Any accumulation expected to remain 1000 feet and above during
the day Sunday.

– Light snow accumulations are possible Sunday night, but
showery nature of precipitation will lead to scattered areas of
accumulation and no accumulation.

– Temperatures will fall quickly Sunday night which will likely
cause wet roads to refreeze, even where snow does not fall.

– Temperatures expected to fall into the low 20s in the cities
and into the upper teens in the outlying areas on Monday night.
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