Their Steps

From the time I first arrived
I could hear those faint voices
Whispering just above me
No one speaking really aloud
Some sniffling from those who were crying
As they started gathering all around me
Then came the silence for a moment
Just before the preacher started speaking
Telling everyone why it is they should be here
For this final gathering
Saying what for man in life I had been
Talking about some of the good times
Along with the things I did
Trying to make it sound like
I may have been someone important
Those of my family setting in a row right next to me
Flowers lying on top for all to see
Then as it came to its end
Most who were there remembering
Some of the funny things that I did
Maybe something that at some time I had said
As they all started heading back to their homes again
Leaving me behind as I once did
Some will take me along in their hearts with them
For that one last ride with an old time friend
Then maybe some day I’ll get to hear
Their Steps
Coming to talk with me once again
Where a stone marks where
It is I have last been
When I was with them

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