The Acoma Pueblo battle and massacre by the Conquistadors

Strategically built atop a 357-foot sandstone mesa for defensive purposes, the Acoma Pueblo is more familiarly known as Sky City today. Believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States, the pueblo was built sometime between 1100 and 1250 A.D.

The main battle between the Acoma and the Spaniards began the following morning, January 22, 1599. For the first two days the Acoma were able to withstand Spanish forces, until Zaldívar developed a plan to breach the Pueblo's defenses using a small cannon. On the third day, Zaldívar and twelve of his men ascended the mesa and opened fire on the Pueblo with the cannon. The heavy artillery proved too powerful for the Acoma, and a large fire that engulfed many Acoma homes ensued. The conquistadors then stormed the settlement.
There were an estimated 6,000 people living at or around the Acoma Pueblo in 1599, of which at least 2,000 were warriors. An estimated 500 men were killed in the battle, along with about 300 women and children. Some 500 prisoners were taken and later sentenced by Oñate to a variety of punishments after a trial was held at San Juan Pueblo. Oñate ordered that every male above the age of twenty-five would have his right foot cut off and be enslaved for a period of twenty years. Twenty-four men suffered amputation.
Males between the age of twelve and twenty-five were also enslaved for twenty years along with all of the females above the age of twelve. Many of these natives were dispersed among the residences of government officials or at Franciscan missions. Sixty of the youngest women were deemed not guilty and sent to Mexico City where they were "parceled out among Catholic convents". Two Hopi men were taken prisoner at the pueblo; after each had one of his hands cut off, they were released to spread the word of Spain's might.[5]

The bad guy. You'll hear all about him in the video, or google him.

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Now for the rest of today's story:

If you research this you’ll find out that the conquistadors removed the Tewa (think Grey Antelope in my blog on him) in 1598.
What led me here was the below video “ Three Dudes in the Desert”.
Basically this is the story if you want to watch it where J-snip “tasked” a remote viewing project from Dick Algire (one of the best remote viewers on the planet and the one I verified his information on the 9-11 video’s he did years ago).
The learning point here is the group’s verification of his report on the target. Amazing. It gives you a taste of what real remote viewing is all about.
Also, it explains the murders, rapes, amputations and history on the supposed treasure.

I know Dick and follow remote viewing. I know j-snip( his u-tube handle) because he's a IT guy who's bought his house, Tesla, drone and what ever with crypto's, and I'm a crypto kinda guy also.
Jean-Claude is a very nice Canadian and a spiritual intuitive also. All of these guys are on u-tube.

Now why would this be a good article for Warrior Nation?
It concerns Native Americans and their gold.
It concerns shamans placing curses on same.
It concerns these young men being “accepted” by the current Native Americans in the area.
It concerns being accepted by the spirits placed by the shaman to guard the gold.

It’s all explained in the video.
Warning. When four dudes get together some times a colorful word or two comes out.
All the information about the Acoma massacre will come out in the video.
I understand j-snip’s point about being "accepted" by experiencing Grey Antelope’s scrutiny before passing muster and living with him for three days.

Jsnip and his family were "blessed" by the Native Americans and or Spirits. He explains just a little, as appropriate!
All and all it was something to do on a day on “lockdown”.

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