Those were the good old days

Days spent at the knees of  our Grandfathers

Who told of  traditions they lived by

Of the lives of their parents and grandparents

The times, the trials and blessings

Or the good old days

Spent in the kitchens of  our Grandmothers

Around the table

Learning   the old family recipes

Learning how she learned  from her  grandparents

Tiny hands put to work  preparing

fruits and vegetables

for soups and pies

Many times being prepared for  other Family members

friends or  a church  get together

I still live this way

My  grandchildren hear the stories  

They  help  and work around my  kitchen table

Many times making   items to be delivered to others.

Many times I share the stories told to me

while at the knee of my Grandfathers

But what about  the many  children

who will never hear

About the good old days

Grandfathers  no longer  are around to tell stories

They  continue working to  get by

Many  Grandmothers also work to help

lessen the struggles

Parents  are both working

And Children of today  live on the internet

In most homes a  kitchen table is  a waste of space

Families no longer gather around them

for meals and family time

Oh how I would love to hear the words

Tell me about the good old days

Somewhere besides my own home

Grandpa called his stories Yarns of the Past

that tied us to our Family

My  Grandmothers  said  all they did

and taught us was how to avoid the Devil

That idle hands  usually found trouble awating them

Oh how I wish I could bring those days back

Back for our young ones  who have no idea

about  all the events of the past

That create the great spinning of yarns\tales

True stories that could and should be shared

So a simple prayer  is  said

That  others learn and again share

Telling them about the Good Old Days

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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