Sending in the Clowns

Only  because someone  cannot hande the words

or feelings of  those living the Military Life

The men , women and families hide

Behind all the face paint

Camo or  glossy  lip balms

They  hide their fears, and deliver smiles

When they stand by the casket of a loved one

Or one  who served in their Unit

They  smile and thank you for your  Condolences

Yet inside  they are crying 

Filled with a pain  and yes even Fear

Of what  the future will bring

They  live and many die  under a Flying Flag

Our American Flag

Yet across this Country  many of these Families

Hear take  down the American Flag

Take down your Military Banners

Under attack  by those they Fought  or Died  for

Many are Homeless now days

Many struggle

to  keep a roof over the Families Heads

Many struggle to find work

Yet all you see is a  person who has hidden

the reality of War  from you

The pain of every time one

Of theirs takes their own life

Some from the  past wars

Are just now  sharing their stories

The reality of war

What it has done to them

How it has changed their lives

No longer hiding behind that face

That hid the truths of war, lost families,

and the struggle to make you think

All is well in their world

When in reality it is not

And never will be.

Until people around them  learn

How to reach out with understanding

Compassion goes a long way

But meeting their needs

Is critical

Allowing them  to  free themselves

So they can live instead of  ending it all

Because we wanted them  to be who they were

Before they put on that Uniform

Many times I have worn the face of a Clown

Knowing  many around me would never understand

What is hidden inside.

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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