In just 2 days will mark my beautiful daughter's 13th Angelversary! As each year pass, my heart and soul becomes lighter and lighter. Lily is still here with me in spirit. Memories of her showing me that she is still here starts to flood my mind:
*My friend "I" and myself were walking across the field going to our once-a-month friend lunch date. We had looked around the field and it was covered with feathers of all sorts of colors! She helped me filled my backpack with these feathers! We finished our lunch date and had walked back the direction that we had come from. To our amazement the field once again was covered with feathers!
*My friend "V" and myself were waiting at the light at a Michael's store when all of sudden a burst of apple blossoms landed right in my lap (there was no wind).
*One winter night, as my son, Joey, and I dance around the snow covered courtyard; the last of the tree leaves blew around us. The leaves felt and looked as if they were dancing with us!
These are just a few of many, many signs that Lily is showing me, that she is still here in spirit!

There are 5 stages of grieving: Denial; Anger; Depression; Bargaining; and Peace. These stages can be in any order and repeated throughout your life. Yes, it is true as time goes by it does get lighter on your heart and soul. It is also difficult to bear through the stages of grieving. It took me 13 years to finally have little bit of peace in my heart. There were few steps that I had taken (and still do til this day) that had (and is) helped me along this very difficult path:
*Make sure you are not alone during this hard time! Find your support system (friends, family, support groups)
*Put your thoughts on paper! Write in your journal or be creative and make a Soul Collage!
*Talk to someone (a friend, a family member, therapist) whenever you start to feel down or alone.
As for me, I kept myself busy by creating beautiful pieces of mix media art canvases, as well as writing pieces from my heart and soul!

Just remember, you are never alone on this path, your loved one is right by your side holding you close!

Blessings of Love and Light~

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Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on December 10, 2015 at 9:29am

My prayers are with you.

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on December 10, 2015 at 5:18am

So very true before my Son passed his only request was I give the love I would have given him to another child that needed loving,,

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