She sits quietly in her own little  space, in a place she calls home.

She has always  had a place  where the world can be shut out

Turing on  her  brain to  hear only that which in around her in

the home.. For years she has had this space  only leaving it  when

she was finally  at peace with herself, or over the years because of a

crying baby. a husband coming or going or needing, or one of  God's

creatures needing her attention.

Reflecting on  precious Memories, contemplating needs  and

full filling the need to still find time for herself to be whole.

Whole in her heart and mind..Whole  so she could live her  goals

in life..

As a child  she  wanted a good marriage, a faithful  husband,

children  to raise who would be compassionate, caring  and self

motivating.. All those  Memories , She had it all  with the good times

and times she thought she would  surely fall apart.

All the wars that  family  and friends  fought  and brought home with

them. She learned to live with the fears of  being a child who  could

possibly lose her  dad,  she learned  the lost and lonely feelings  when

her husband was sent into  harms way and the what if's if he should

be taken from her...The  pride felt  when their  Children and Grand

Children join and put on a Uniform serving the Country they loved

yet  knowing at anytime they too could face  a war of their own..

Sitting  quietly  she reflects on  all she has overcome, and all  the

Memories of Blessings she has received  ..All the  roads she has

traveled  ending up   right here today..

Everyone is  all grown up and   making their own way it's just  a

husband and a wife..and God........She knows  her  Faith in God  has 

been her salvation............yet today she sits in her space wondering if

she can bring herself peaceful feeligs again during  her last  few years

ahead of her..can  she overcome the fear and frustrations  faced  with

the one she loves..who no longer remembers from day to day , gets

angry for no reason  other than what??? and making sure he never

places himself in harms way..

In her space  she finds her peace  trusting God  to  see  her through

whatever may come her way  today, and all the unprompted


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