I will open this tread with a question.

What is the difference between living IN a community and living AS a community?

I see since many years that many people are searching to come back to living the way humans lived before materialism took the spirit of true communal life out of the human mass-consciousness and
influenced (in-flu-enced) like a virus human behavior the way, that each individual started to amass personal wealth and the ego me, mine, my, replaced the we, our, communal thinking and way of life. Most communities crush because most Humans today not feel and live the WE ARE~ connection anymore.

In each community still exist a little of the WE factor, but even in small families the WE factor is almost gone. This paved the way for what we now have in big communities where groups were formed and much more it is to see if we look how the WE factor vanished if it comes to a whole country and worse if we look at the whole world.

Living IN a community means to me that each individual have to follow some implemented RULES in order the community can function at all. But WHO set those rules and what shall be done if one of the
individuals to not follow those rules? Do the ones which CREATE those rules follow the rules they implement?

Today we have in each country, in each region, each city, town and family more rules than we ever had and it seems we have more wars, more fights, and more “sick” people, loneliness is common and the numbers are growing. Why?

Could it be it is because the individual want to live individually? Is individuality such a blessing? What does it mean to be individual? Is it possible that we were in the past not individuals at the times the world population including nature was ONE community?

We truly are individuals but we are individual spirits and AN INDIVIDUAL PART OF A WHOLE! Do you see the difference between seeing us as being individual as person and individual as spirit?

To be an individual does not mean that each of us can live INDIVIDUALLY without to disrespect the whole and therefore get more (material things and service) as the other have. This means; as an individual part of a whole we need to come out of service to self and grow back to service to the whole. This take us all back to that what we once were, to live in ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

The whole community serves the whole community and NOTHING is owned by an individual. Individual possession of goods creates jealousy and jealousy is fear related consciousness. The consciousness
of fear to have lesser as the other, fear of loss, fear of not having enough, etc.

All this FEAR causes within our minds that we need to PROTECT anything, to gear up because another (community) may take something away from us etc, etc.

If we start to live AS a community, all those INDIVIDUAL possessions and therefore fear of loss will have no more power over our consciousness of BEING what we truly are. LOVE will take over and BEING LOVE is the common thought of the whole community. Living and Loving will be again superior to running to make more money, to have more possessions as we really need, exploiting nature will have an end.

Does COMPETITION have a place in living AS a community?

No, it doesn’t have any place because where can be a competitor where there is no first, second third and so forth. Each individual regardless how much and what s/he can provide, according to his/her TALENTS and learned skills is honored equally. Each individual bring those “things” to the community what s/he can provide. This gives the community the SENSE of the needed ONENESS feeling.

In conclusion:

I would immediately join a community where a community exists AS a community but prefer to live individually instead to live IN a community that have rules which don’t serve ALL THAT IS. That way at least I can serve as individual spirit the WHOLE!!!

Love~, Light~ Peace~ from ONE heart IN ALL hearts and from ALL hearts IN ONE heart


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