Where ever I am she is there
She sits next to me or as close as possible.. Never has she denied me love when I say no to something.

They say somethings are meant to be and somethings are meant to be known .. In my many years I had and was loved by her great= great= grandmother , and was loved by her grandmother and now for years I have been blessed with her as a constant, forever caring and loving companion..

All of them have been called by one name Sugar Babe.. For they brought the sweetness of life into my world.. and they all were considered my Babe's family for sure..

Now she is 11 years of age and she like her ancestors has outlived their siblings by 2 years..

But of recent my sister who passed years ago is talking to my heart again.. Just as she did years ago .. When Sugar Babe 2 left us.. She spoke to the heart and told me She is with us, and waiting for you.. and recently it has been we are waiting to welcome herr home..

So now I just say thanks for all the love given so unconditionall each and every day.. And pray she like those before her lays down and silently crosses over and climbs that stairway to Heaven

Hard to seen the changes happening but forever thankful for each and every moment we still share..

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