I Am A Survivor of His War, My War, and Their Wars

I am just a normal woman to most people..many question the anger I feel when I write about Vietnam and Korea.. But I am a survivor of both wars.. Korea took my father, not his life but took him from us as a husband and a father... Vietnam well my husband and brother were there..and close friends had husbands and sons there...

Today when I logged on to facebook the first thing that greeted me was a video from one of our newer Veterans fighting the latest war and struggling to deal with PTSD reading words that were thrown around when our Men and Women returned from Vietnam.. Remembering our returning being told change into civilian clothing to aviod to the haters the throwers of rotten foods..and possible attacks on your person.. a ungrateful, angry lot back then ... and apparently my prayers have been forgotten because it still exists today..

Everyday we lose 22 or more to suicide and I understand why some do it..I can even tell you I have been there back in the day when my friends husband hugged the kids, kissed her told her I Love You, and told me good bye.. I will never know why he started the car, but I will never forget the gun shot nor will I forget the blood running down the inside of the car windows on the drivers sde.. I can no way tell you the suffering of my sister my friend, or the oldest boy who witnessed what we witnessed before we came to ur senses and shut the door and called the Sheriff while trying to control and shield the children..Lives forever changed that Day

I have seen the effects of Agent Orange , what it does to the bodies and how many are still just now dicovering they have cancers and other medical problems plus the now defined words PTS.. Some wives still sleep alone because their husbands after all these years could still do them bodily harm while they sleep, (a sleep beside you while fighting in Vietnam).. Yes we know they can be laying beside us, but their other being is far away in a hell hole and we might be woke up fighting our own husband who is trying to kill a enemy in Vietnam... Life changes many times the nights end abruptly and you spend the rest of the night awake .. praying you can overcome a war that has invaded your world at home.. finding the strength to stay and fight your husbands war which is now yours too.. Many have run away from their loved ones, some like me stayed, and we too became survivors of Vietnam, of the hatred of the Vietnam War Protestors..

I am at a total loss as to why these haters can with malice attack our Veterans back then and today.. Attacking those who swore to defend and protect while others ran away I truely hate it when I feel hate inside me..I hate the fact I could do bodily harm to those who treat our Veterans and Soldiers in such a way that they would take their own life to escape the false allegations, threats or the ungrateful Americans..

Our Country was divided back then and is Divided even more today... Yes I am a survivor of my own wars.. God has made me stronger.. I have attended many funerals and witnessed the dark side of some of Americas People...

Just the other day this was written by a Vietnam Veteran """Fell asleep after dinner and just woke up from a terrible nightmare about Chi Ro Bu. When does it end??? When does the killing stop??? When do I find peace??? It has been 46 years plus. Sometimes I wish I had died on that mountain"""" and many of our returning have the same thoughts about their recent wars.. many of us do our damnedest to support them just as we support our Brothers and Sisters of past wars....

Yet being a teller of truth I could easily hurt without any suffering of guilt those who hurt the ones who have Protected Your Freedoms.. I and other Mothers and Wives refuse to be silent, we are tired of Losing our Bravest .. They survived , came home, and we are tired of the attcks from within our own Country.. If you do not support our Men and Women then remain silent, leave them alone or else you shall reap the Wrath of Many who Stand with Them and will Never Forget the Price Paid.

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This is what I woke up to today

Posted by Mike Petty on Thursday, April 9, 2015

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