First of all i would like to start by thanking you for welcoming me and allowing me to join your group i have always been interested in history and am very much drawn to the native american history especially the spiritual side in this world there are many different cultures peoples races religions when we first discover something we do not know or understand we are afraid and that at times can lead to misunderstanding if only we took the time to look and learn we would understand we would find we are not so different surely if we were to look at each others culture there is much we could learn. from each other one example if we all stood in a room shouting at the top of our voices no words would or be understood or even heard if we stopped long enough to draw breath and speak then the words become much clearer understanding becomes easier because people would be listening to each other we could learn a lot much more just by listening we all want the same thing in life to live in peace and harmony to provide a future for our young to uphold and teach traditional ways. i added a video on here about the medicine wheel there are many videos on here about that i chose this one because for me it was the first video i watched and actually learnt something though it wasnt until after i finished watching the video i realised how much i had learnt but there is much more for me to learn as you are never too old to learn and you never stop learning perhaps there is more i can learn about the medicine wheel i would also like to learn more and understand about different native american ceremonies and legends but i will admit that one of my favourite legends is that of the white buffalo i hope also my blog hasnt offended anyone on here.

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Comment by robbie J on April 25, 2013 at 5:12am

andy this site is open to all with their thoughts and idea of understanding!
and wishing to learn more and to give knowledge is part of this site that LH created for one and all to have a say as well as listen :)

Comment by LadyHawkღ on April 24, 2013 at 1:00pm

Didn't offend at all! Thank you for your thoughts and yes, it is never too late to learn anything.
All wise men admit they learn something new everyday so you are a very wise man Andy!

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