"I AM the Dreamer, the Visionary, the Creator of my Reality and as I Awaken to the Dream, I AM FREE"

- Tim Zyphin -

The ability to Create is a necessary quality to develop and embody in this journey we call life. Hard-wired into the system our Co-Creative abilities are a natural part of our being. We are literally Creator Gods and Goddesses in the making and as we Awaken more to the full magnitude of who we are, we will start to embrace more of our Divine Natural Abilities.

What is a Dream? What is Reality?

The Shaman recognizes that both the Dreamtime and that which we experience as "Real" in this waking Reality is nothing but two sides of the same coin. Each can be considered part of the Dream and simultaneously part of a Reality unto itself.

Once you start to understand on a deeper level the full magnitude of what is being said, it is very powerful because you realise that you have the ability to create a New Dream, a New Reality.

Have you ever had a dream where you could fly? How light and free did you feel, floating and soaring through the air. Many of us have had amazing experiences in the Dreamtime where for a brief moment we were able to transcend the limitations of the mind and body and access a state of Super-Consciousness where anything is possible.

You are the Master of your Reality, the Creator of your Life Experience. If you don't like the Dream that you are experiencing then you have the power to create a new Dream, a new Reality. Life is short. Yes we are eternal and our Souls live on but life in this incarnation can pass like the blinking of an eye.

2017 is the year of NEW CREATION. As a collective we are quite literally birthing a New Reality. NOW is the time to really get clear on your VISION and on what it is that you are choosing to create and experience in 2017

The following questions are designed to assist you to reflect on what it is that you truly desire, not just on a conscious level but on a much more deeper intimate Soul level, helping you to expand your Inner Vision and embrace more of your Souls potential. I ask that you find a quiet space and sit in Meditation. Close your eyes, take a few deep deep breaths in and then have the intention that you receive Divine Guidance directly from your Soul/Divine Self

If you knew that anything was possible and that you were the Master and Creator of your Reality and that you could create your life experience at will, in an instant...

What would you like to create?
What would you like to experience?
How would you like to feel?
What makes your heart sing?
What does your heart and soul truly desire?

I leave you with these reflections.

Feel free to share any Awakenings, Realizations, Aha moments if you feel guided to do so.

Love, Light and Laughter

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