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'Peace' by Christine
If peace was something to hold in your hand,
Something tangible to feel, something like sand,
We could each sprinkle it all over the Earth,
From Capetown to London, from LA to Perth,
It's color would be a bright leafy green,
Glistening and shiny for all to be seen,
This would stop our anger, jealousy and tears,
Calm all our spirits, take away all our fears.

Next we have purity which would be airy and light,
It would be the color of snow, a brilliant white,
To go round the world, sideways up and down,
Until it reached every village, city and town,
It would be blown by the wind or a gentle
It would get everywhere like this with much ease,
We would be purer in thought, cease to hate,
Let's all do this now before it's too late.

We would also have healing to send out too,
It's colour would be an electric blue,
This would be carried by birds as they fly,
Onward and upward into the sky,
It would be like confetti but soft and small,
To be caried all over, to be given to all,
We would feel whole in spirit, body and mind,
It would give us wisdom to be gentle and kind.

Then we have love in the colour of pink,
With this to one another we could easily link,
It would be like fine rain to be spread everywhere,
We would cherish one another, we'd show that we care,
It would come from the clouds way up above,
In this way we could spread this love,
This would make us more open and giving,
To all on this Earth, to all that is living.

Last but not least we want happiness to go,
All around the globe for everyone to know,
It would come from the might rays of the sun,
A golden yellow to flow over everyone,
Its gentle warmth would touch our souls,
And so it would help us to reach our goals,
We will be glad, forget all our pain,
We would laugh and smile again and again.

When you pray at night, try to imagine all this,
A perfect world full of endless bliss,
Where all people no matter what color or
Are all banded together, united indeed!
They would link together all over the place,
Join forces to make a great human race,
It cannot be possible, it is only a dream,
It can't come reality or so it would seem,
But if we pray hard enough, me and you,
We can all work together to make this come true.

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Comment by Ms. Down-to-Earth on November 6, 2010 at 7:17am
Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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