So Long Ago

My Grandmother taught me many lessons
About God and mercy and understanding
Our lives have many Chapters, just like books and Bibles

Oh how I wish life was like that again
My Grandmother, and Mother both lived that easier life
Oh life was hard, but it was easier
Back in the day when telephone numbers and addresses
Even important days were all kept in a
Address Book with the reminder section

Today 90% of the people have everything in their
Cell Phones, or other electronic communication devices
It was a few years back when I realized

I do not like all the new technology
It's great for learning and finding answers
Or talking and sharing with Family and Friends

But back in my Grandmothers and Mothers time
If you lost a Loved one you went to the store bought a new address book
Rewriting the names of those important and still here
Starting a new Chapter of your life
Laying the old one in a drawer, knowing it held important days and times shared
When Grandma and Grandpa left us I was lucky
I still used a address book with appointments and events calendars

But When I lost my Mother, Father, and my Second Mother
and a Very Special Sister and Brother
I was wishing I had never owned a cell phone
A piece of plastic that held voice messages
That speed dialer that could automatically call anyone
Only problem was calls to them were not redirected to Heaven
After awhile someone disconnects the answering machine
After a few upgrades or new phones the messages disappear
You cannot lay it aside like a chapter in your life
With it holding important information

Deleting a Loved one from a list today
Just one button
Deleting their last message
Just a click of a button
It's hard to do
I know
My brother is still on speed dial
Mom got lost somehow with the last upgrade

Thank God Grandmother and Mom Taught me
No matter what God is there to see me through

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