Survivor of Yesterdays
As I look back a many of my yesterdays
I realized I was a survivor
Just as my ancestors were
The trials facied by each of us
In our Yesterdays has made us stronger
And in some cases wiser
Many of us had to make choices
Hard life or death choices
Yet here we are
Living another unpromised day
No matter what is faced today
It will be a great day
Simply because we are Survivors
Our yesterdays prove that.
So greet today with a heart that says
Bring it to me
Good or bad
I shall overcome and have a
Great Day no matter what
Because I am a Survivor

Written By
©Loretta Riddell

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on September 11, 2015 at 4:58am

You are definitely a survivor Michael. Much of your life sounds like that of one of my Brothers of many years... He too was given up, later adopted not for who he was but as a unpaid worker and servant... He too joined the Military (Army) went to Vietnam...he did not come back day\nightmare free... he was one of those who almost drowned in the drugs, alcohol and ended up in prison. when he entered my life he had found a woman with 2 children and together they were trying for a fresh start..Thats when we met them..My little big 6'4' brother who I call my Grizzly Adams,, I like your wife an of the same two tribes and also irish so i have always lived with the do or die attitude... My Grizz is now a full fledged survivor over the last 30 plus years he has slipped and picked himself up through counseling He and my sister successfully raised the 2 beautiful children.. several times they struck out on their own, but have returned to where I am, they found more peace in the mountians and walking the ocean beach and they have finally purchased a home just 8 miles from mine...To see my Brother finally at Peace within himself is such a beautiful thing.. and in the last 8 years we discovered he was not the only child surrendered.. He has found his blood Brother a Sister, and we still search for one more Sister.. But i no longer fear losing him to suicide..

And my young Marine who was serving in Iraq and the only mail he got was a storage bill for his few possessons stored after joining and leaving the Foster Care of people who disapproved of the war and him joining.. The Chaplin gave him one of my letters and a Birthday Package he too is now mine and on the road to recovery,

I have in all these many years seen many things that should have or could have crushed another yet my beliefs would not allow it to happen and that Greater Spirit has picked me up so many times when my faith in myself was smaller than a mustard seed

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on September 11, 2015 at 4:26am

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