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As told to us by our elders, these fans are quite significant to the Native Americans. They are used in the Native American Church to sing and to pray with. They are also used in Pow Wows to dance wi… View »

Blanket Dance

Dancers drop money (usually $1 bills) on a blanket spread on the ground near the drum, in appreciation of their fine singing. Singers may travel many miles nearly every weekend to sing at various dan… View »


A give-away ceremony follows a "Special" dance. The honoree (and family and friends) give presents to various people attending the dance as a way to publicly honor them. View »


These dances honor a person or group, who lead a procession around the arena as others join in. There are many reasons to have a special, such as a birthday, or when someone is "enters the arena" for… View »

Fluffy Dance

Even contest powwows don't always have to be so serious. The Fluffy Dance was started by the late Eight-Ball Jim years ago and is a special dance category for fluffy people -- those individuals who m… View »

Smoke Dance

Smoke Dance, also called The Fast Floor Dance, is a contemporary pow-wow dance that has evolved from the Longhouse ceremonial and social dances used by the Haudenosaunee Men and Women, familiarly kno… View »

Crow Hop Dance

This dance isn’t seen in the Oklahoma area very often, except at the very large inter-tribal pow-wows. This dance originated in the north (where the Crows live), and is also a fast, single step song.… View »

Trot or Straight Dance

Is a fast-paced which danced with single steps. Some tribes have songs like this that are called horse songs. View »

Rabbit Dance or Couples Rabbit Dance

This dance isn't seen often yet it is gaining popularity. It uses the same steps as the Two Step Dance. View »

Two-Step Dance

Couple dance this social dance together, in a lively version of "Follow-the-Leader". It’s ladies choice, and the men can’t refuse or it costs them $5 (or a piece of clothing/regalia, some say). Every… View »


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