Just a place to share your daily or weekly weather reports! What is the weather like in your area today and how does it affect you?

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Weather...yep...we have that and like you Loretta...very wet, wet and did I mention it is wet? Really wish I could send this to places around the globe that need the moisture and this makes me appreciate how easy we have it so far in this country when from documentaries I have watched there are people who have to walk for miles just to get a few gallons of water and go back and do it all over again.
When I was in Vietnam I served as a Corpsman (medic) and I had opportunities to go to villages and offer my services with western medicine. It was truly a gift and at times I would go with the Marines when we had to dump our trash just for something to do. When we would dump the scraps from the Sea Bees kitchen camp down the road the locals would be there with a branch over their shoulders holding a 5 gallon bucket on each end for balance and once we dumped our food waste they would fight over the scraps. It broke my heart....
Here today I see rain, and there are places crying for rain. Here we toss out old food that others would almost kill to have. Here we get under our blanket to sleep when others pray for a blanket or warmth.
Guess my point here is that we all share this one earth...there is no other place to go and won't be for a long time so why not help our neighbor who may be in need, why not look in our mirror and see that we are a gift that can give to others and if we have rain or water, do what we can for those who don't have it. Children don't decide once born to be in poverty...they have no choice...but we do.
America is so full of hate right now that few will even take time to say hello to their neighbor or get to know their name.
When I see posts from Loretta...I see hope...I see inspiration...I see a soul that cares enough to get up and do something about it (and actually does) when it is so easy to look the other way.
Loretta..you are the true gift...YOU make a difference...not with just words but with actions and truth is..we can all be like her if we just get up and do something...anything!!
Right now we seem to be a nation divided and that don't have to be. Love conquers hate, a kind word gives hope, a smile brings relief...a hand given in help brings thanks and gratitude...how do we put a price on that?
A rainbow is a mix of all colors that bring beauty to our life...our world and often brings a smile to our face...different colors...each beautiful in their own right but when brought together make a symbol that every one loves except maybe the most cynical of beings.
Tomorrow is a new day...may you look in your mirror...see that great gift there and use it to reach out to your neighbor, a person of color, one in need...one who is different than you and if you do you may just learn something new.
We Cherokee have a saying that goes something like this...'Be silent..or has your own tongue made you deaf?
Listen to others and learn.
Enjoy this day if you have the breath to enjoy it....
Thank you Loretta...for all you are and all you do for all that is...

Snowing?? Again?? The calendar says spring but Mother Nature's not quite on board with that.

i'm in the red zone  on the coast, got everything  battened down  hopefully nothing breaks loose.

They are saying our coast line will be the hardest hit..  Thankfully  those of us who live here know

how to survivie this kind of weather, Hopefully the spring breakers have left and headed home...

It' the bigger cities and towns that will  have  problems..

Especially if the power goes and nobody can use their Microwaves...lol

Have a great evening everyone

78 in the shade

This week in Western North Carolina it has been dreary and on the cold side. Considering that the month of May 2018 is only a few days away this is rather unusual weather. Perhaps some of you have better weather to report.

Here in the First State, they are predicting 83 degrees for Mother's Day. Last year it was 59.

Our weather here is cold and drizzle with only a bit of sunshine toward the afternoon

Not quite yet June bu the June Gloom is here

I like to think of this weather ...

May Cloudy Days bring the June Blooms!


With had much rain here in Western North Carolina. We've had flash floods which destroyed some towns in low-lying areas. Our road is covered in mud with potholes where people got stuck. It takes a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get up our road. I sure hope the sunshine for very long time and dry this mess up.

Hot and sticky this week in San Clemente CA!

Tsoi right now has 10 below zero,
And I'm at 32
We are truly ready to see spring

My part of Canada will see heavy rain and wind (some places are expecting snow), prompting some cities to cancel Halloween.


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