Christmas has come to the Cabin! Everyone is welcomed here; de-stress by taking some time to enjoy the posts, pics, and vids.

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I brought cookies!!



Dec. 1st and now it's time to go hunting for my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, got the map of new roads in my area so will be hunting that tree plowed to the side of a road that needs a 2nd chance at life and can join the rest of my Christmas trees that hold many Memories.. some now reaching the height of over 20 ft. Hopefully my husband is watching and knows traditions are being kept alive.. Be Thankful today and everyday

Charlie Brown trees are great!

The hunt is on for my Charlie Brown tree but the roads that graders created are a little hazardous right now with all the rain so going to have some hot chocolate for the next few days hoping for dryer traveling, sure don't want to get stuck out there on the mountain.. Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles and peaceful feelings that make for a beautiful day

Thanks for the music, yesterday I turned it up and got my dusting done in no time..

May the days ahead be stress free and allow us all to move forward with peace in our hearts.
Hopefully those we deal with will recieve the simplest acts of kindness.. A Please and Thank You
can make any job easier and they will know they are appreciated.. So may you smile and utter those words many need to hear this time of year.

With all the goodies I thought many more would be needed this time of year..
I refuse to get pleasingly plump all by myself..

Wishing everyone wonderful days ahead .. All I have right now is a kitchen that is filled with candies and a sticky floor that needs mopping as soon as I sign off. Then I can mess it up again...


Birthdays ~Happy Birthday from Warrior Nation!

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