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The Legends of the Four Seasons
In Native American mythology one story tells about how the seasons were created. Originally the earth had only known summer but the living things on the planet were always complaining about one thing or another and Tobats, an elder god, decided he would give them something worth complaining about. He poured snow all over them and this is how winter began. The planet now had two seasons, the summer and the winter. The living things on earth came together for a meeting to discuss the seasons. The owl told about what he saw: the Weather Man makes the weather go back and forth on a long, straight trail with his home right in the middle. When the Weather Man goes north, Tom, the winter, follows him and it becomes cold on earth. When the Weather Man travels to the south, Tats, the summer, follows him and the planet experiences summer. The living things, however, thought each season was too long and they asked the younger god, Shinob to make the seasons shorter in length by cutting the Weather Man's trail. He said he could not do this because the length was permanent but if they came up with a better plan and they all agreed, he would make the changes. The night bird suggested that there be four seasons instead of two and that the trail be made into a circle rather than a straight line. The weather trail would go around each corner of the earth, the four seasons would be taman (spring), tats (summer), u-wan (fall) and tom (winter). Weather Man would go around the circle in the same direction and the seasons would be the same length, following each other in the same order year after year. Everyone agreed and the plan was set into motion.
#2. Thanks for posting this it is a good's refreshing and brings hope that mankind will not continue on a distuctive path on Mother Earth. .Blessings to you Sharikee...Michael


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