Simple backgrounds are easy to do but there are also alot of options to play with. To get started go to customize my page just below your avatar on your page. The first thing you see is the ning supplied backgrounds and you can choose any of these for your page.
*Add your own picture as a background*
*Click on the advanced tab and delete any code that is in there. That is the default background that is on the homepage. Click save...
*Select Pure Dark from the ning themes.
*Click on the ~ Now,make it unique tab and select all options.
Colors section
*Header- choose a color or select transparent and click o.k.
*Body-choose a color or transparent and click o.k.
*Module-choose a color or select transparent and click o.k.
*Sides-choose a color...this is the color that loads first under your background.
The next 3 are set to no picture as default...

1)*Side Image-add your own image for a full background
2)*Header Image-add your own image for a picture across the top of your page. ~Click Vert if you want it down the left side of your page instead.
3)*Body Image-This will add an image to the center of your page.
*Top Bar & Footer-choose a color or type transparent and click o.k.
*Icons-choose a color
*Subheader-solid bar at the top of each section on your page. choose a
color or transparent (grey & white checked rectangle).
Text section
Choose your colors and your font for the text on your page.
Hit Save and go to your page...
it may take a few tries to get it just the way you want but it's worth it.

A few hints..
*Make sure your images for your background are larger than 950 for a full background. (Images can easily be resized in paint) Smaller images can be set to tiled.
*Make sure to check repeat vert for the side image or body image.
*If you type transparent into any of the boxes make sure your cursor is up above the color box or it may pick a color before you click o.k.

*Make sure your text is easy for others to read ~Rule of thumb...light backgrounds should have darker text and dark backgrounds need a lighter text.

If you want to go back to the background on the homepage just click on apply Warrior Nations theme.

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Thank you Eagle! I just made a few more changes so it should be easier to follow. You'll be a pro in no time changing your backgrounds!

Good info,,but how about little info on the CSS...Thx
Have tried working with it,,wish to have layered BG..someone has ideas let me know
Good day,,all Wolf


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