This game compliments all members who play. You write a word or two about the person who posted before you.
Since I'm the first person here, I don't have anyone to comment on. But the next person would say something about me (hopefully, it shouldn't be too difficult to find something nice about me! hahaha)

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oooohlala voila! MrsE is all that and more!
Merci Mana - you are a fun-loving person!
MANA is such a fun person! She posts comments that make you want to quit work for the day and go "BOUNCE"! A breath of fresh air for me!
Ladyhawk is a great friend with many, diverse skills.
I still haven't mastered that being in two places at once...yet!
hah I like that MrsE. Thanx MANA

MrsE is very sweet to everyone and is a good admin.

Hey Selene...whatcha fink...the IDEAL man??(in someone's life or headache!) What is this game about??*winx*
hummm...let's see, MANA loves techno & trance so we have a big thing in common. The music means she is full of life. I think she's really here to kick my butt and make me stop feeling so old!
Luv ya' MANA!
As far as the guy up there...Selene can have him, I would feel like he always had his thumb on me...
LadyHawk always says the nicest things and makes people happy.
VAL...brings comforting comfort, pleasant pleasantries, a whole-lot-of-to-dues, and ooh so much more to our comfort zones...thx Girl for being here with us, and putting up with my zaniness.*mwahz*
AHHH! Why thank you MANA

MANA, she brings a lightness to spirit and laughter too

She cheers the day with the "zaniness"
but too much seriousness
is just no fun
so to MANA, she brings the good and joy to this place too
FAWNECHO is a real sweetheart that really cares about people...and she has a great playlist of music!
Im glad you are part of the family and we get to know each other better.


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