Being of latin decent but, studying Native spirituality and culture for the past several months. I humbly ask all to give me some history of your ancestry. Your ways of worship. Your ways of living. I would love to learn more from the people directly as opposed to books and the internet. My personal ways of living and worship have changed in the last few months and I feel compelled to move forward on my walk toward the Red Road. Most of my learning has come from Lakota. I am your student. Thank you. Mitakuye Oyasin

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Thanks for the reply Animikeeg. Yes, I am interested in learning more of your traditional ways.

Thank you, I have used it often!

Papa G,
I've learned most of my knowledge from Lakota also even though I'm Cherokee. So what I know ( if any ) U might already know. On my blog page there are a few stories U might like? Hope U can find or already have a teacher that will help guide U on your path?
In my older years I've been trying to do the old thing " let go of my ego ". But I would like to tell U about my affectation for Sitting Bull. In my pictures on my page U will see some sweat lodges and in front of them U can see the chanupa stands. After the sweat we stood in line and the ceremonial pipe was passed down the line. When it came my turn it was like someone was on the other end of the chanupa pressurizing the smoke into me! What an experience! Chico, who was the one who made the totem pole said to me " you know who's pipe that was don't you, it was Sitting Bulls" So ever since then when I see a picture of him that memory comes back. What a gift!


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