Good Day Beautiful People;

One night in prayer, several years after my angelic awakening on Mt. Shasta; I told God that I wanted to go home.

Instantly, I was off, flying through the Milky Way Galaxy. Every star was a different color or hue, each had its own vibration, hence Heavenly Celestial Sounds.

I flew through the Milky Way in what seemed a matter of only seconds. I was on my way home to the "The Great Beyond". As I was leaving the Milky Way I heard a man's voice call out to me. I stopped and turned around; It was Jesus and He said; "TELL THEM THEY ARE IN BETTER HANDS THAN THEY KNOW".

Jesus was dressed in white, standing tall in the universe. His arms were bent at the elbows and to form a cup in His hands; and in that Cup sat the Milky Way Galaxy.

Then I awoke in my bed. Peace Be With You.

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