What we go through, like going in & out of a maze

First there is HEAVEN; then there is TRAUMA. The latter is marked by abuse, severe personal loss or maybe just being born on earth.

To recover from this we cocoon. Survival is our priority.

After awhile we cast off that identity that we have so diligently constructed, like a skin of a snake, for one that allows us to know joy, live in freedom and be without pain.

We leave a state of BLISS . . .
“I am Thou connecting Heaven and Earth”
Being alive, in love and with joy.
Seeing as if after a spring shower.
Hearing even the slightest whisper.
With a mind as calm as a lake in the early morning.

We enter the LABYRINTH . . .
We put on armor to protect (anesthetize) ourselves.
We forget who we are and can’t feel much.
We identify with w/everything but what we really are.
We know numbness, helplessness, hopelessness,
powerlessness, isolation and feeling neither alive nor
dead. After awhile there is no respite or escape.

We exit the labyrinth . . .
We exit when the armor is too heavy to carry anymore.
We follow the threads that lead us back:
We look for clues from any source and act upon them.
We forgive ourselves no matter how grievous our sins
We find ways to feel gratitude (even if we don’t)

Then we eventually enter into BLISS once more

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