Have You Forgotten

Have you forgotten about me
And all those with me and those after us
Few knew us except for those we called Brothers
Some of us came to be in the name of Freedom
Those who followed us fought to keep that Freedom

Have you forgotten that we were the ones who never returned
Never got that last chance to say we love our Country,
We all fought under our Free and Flying Flag that we love
We fought so our Family’s and yours then and now would remain Free
Instead many like us back then and now have sacrificed with love

Many of us gave our All
Some of us had our remains returned to our Families
Some to this day are still MIA
Have you Forgotten Us
We are the reason you have a Memorial Day
The MIA’s are still waiting to be returned to their homeland
Or have you forgotten them too

All we sought was Freedom in the beginning
Thankfully many have followed in our footsteps
Protecting your Freedoms

We do not ask much of anyone anywhere
Just remember the many Men and Women who laid down their lives
For you to remain Free
That you respect, honor and care for those who made it back to our beloved homeland
They are our Veteran Brothers
Treat your Freedom like it is under constant threat and protect it
And take a moment of your time on Memorial Day to remember us
Then we will know
Our sacrifice was not in vain..

Loretta Riddell

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