It is so sad when we discover many do not understand

the  real meaning


Memorial Day


any other Military Day

I do not begrudge anyone who gets to get together

with Family and Friends

All I pray is everyone remembers to

Remember  Those who Sacrificed All

In Service of our Nation

Defending our Freedom's

While giving their all  while trying to

Liberate others seeking Freedom

Many times we lose Warriors

to suicide because  their wars and

their Brothers lost

is more than they can deal with

While trying to fit in with society today.

Many of us know someone who will

Struggle just to get thru  this

Memorial Day Weekend

I will not visit my Fathers grave

But instead will reach out with what

some of us call

The Buddy Check

Calling those we know struggle with Memories

So if any of you know a Veteran

That struggles to get thru any Day or Weekend

That Honors Our Lost,

Our Veterans or Serving

Maybe you can call  and let them know

You are thinking of them

Sometimes a simple Hello and how are you

Can save a life..

May you all have a safe Memorial Weekend

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