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Finding Myself

As a child i was taught indirectly

to fear God.

Sunday School teachers would tell tales

of burning in hell and being taken over

by demons,

for disobeying Gods word.

As a teenager my parents would tell me

about those thrown into the pit

for their sins-

like smoking ..drinking..sexual thoughts

all of which I was guilty of..now and then

funny how neither of them ever attended church.

The more people preached against something…


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Paradise....John Prine

When I was a child my family would travel

Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born

And there's a backwards old town that's often remembered

So many times that my memories are worn.


And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County

Down by the Green River…


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What path will you choose today?

light or dark

crooked or straight

sandy or rocky..

When you stand at a crossroad

do you care which one you choose

does it really matter?

I like a path that climbs..leads up,

be it desert or mountain pass

climbing up..higher..higher where

only Eagles fly..and snow clings

year round.

Sometimes I like the desert

in the early spring.

Wildflowers bloom then,

water holes are full and…


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List of glaciers in Glacier National Park (U.S.)

I am posting this as it's important in my view

This one of the few places in America where the result of global Warming is pronounced

and there for all to see..it's still a beautiful park but for those who saw it like I did forty+ years ago they will notice the change.

This was where a bear (don't know the type) while camping at night took off with my sleeping bag

(with me in it) fortunately no harm done-but that was a good down bag. FYI y…


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Zecharia Sitchin


Zecharia Sitchin

Заха́рия Си́тчин (in Russian)


Born July 11, 1920

Baku, Azerbaijan SSR

Died October 9, 2010 (aged 90)

New York City, U.S.

Citizenship United States

Education London School of Economics, University of…


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The Other Magpie and The Woman Chief Were Crow Warriors Of The Weaker Sex


Cheyenne and Lakota women also took up arms.

When the Crows sent some 175 warriors to join Brigadier General George Crook on campaign in 1876, one warrior carried no rifle— only a belt knife and a coup stick made of a willow wand. The Crow war party and Shoshone warriors, both U.S. allies against the Lakotas and Cheyennes, covered Crook’s confusion at the June 17, 1876, Battle of the Rosebud and probably staved off outright defeat. The warrior with the willow…


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The White Mans Foot

The White Mans Foot

by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In his lodge beside a river,

Close beside a frozen river,

Sat an old man, sad and lonely.

White his hair was as a snow-drift;

Dull and low his fire was burning,

And the old man shook and trembled,

Folded in his Waubewyon,

In his tattered white-skin-wrapper,

Hearing nothing but the tempest

As it roared along the forest,

Seeing nothing but the snow-storm,

As it whirled and…


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"My Cowboy's Last Ride"

"My Cowboy's Last Ride"

The cowboy's lady is cryin' tonight cause the cowboy is out on the range

Runnin' and ramblin' and chasin' some stray and good cowboys don't ever change

I tried to hold him in the home corral but the grasses were greener outside

So I'm gonna sit here in front of this door

And I've loaded up my cowboy's fourty-four

When the smoke clears there'll be a new brand on his eyes

This is my cowboy's last ride

Oh I hate to see him go but…


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The Tool?

There was a time when I could

only spit once..wait.. build up

and spit again.

Over time I was improved

so as faster..faster

spitting came..the world knew my name.

In war I flourished..peacetime too

my spitting now a stream

controled by men and women

maybe you?

I have no conscience no remorse

I am but wood and steel.

Controled by man

Condemned by man

Worshipped also

I spit on rich and poor

infant and…


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Stop The Killing

Many years ago I was a life member of the N.R.A. and proud of it but for a long time now that membership has been canceled due to their stance on assault weapons..full auto or semi auto and all of the clones thereof.

In war I've used a M14 and M16 both in Vietnam for killing human beings (though I didn't think of them as such at the time)

along with other weapons of war. Upon my return the only weapon I purchased was a .45 Colt 1911 At no time have I ever wished to own an assault…


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The Cure Mathew King Lakota

American Indians have a rich heritage of belief in powers beyond the five senses. This heritage of visions and prophecy is typified by a story told by Mathew King, a tradi-tionalist spokesman for the Lakota people. (“Don’t call us Sioux, that’s the White Man’s name for us.”) According to King, he once went up on a mountain and prayed to God for a cure for diabetes. He reported:

And while I was there, somebody said, “Turn

around!” So I turned around and there was the…


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Wolves and Bison living the real life in Yellowstone

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The wolf in real life not in fantasy

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When I was young

When I was between 6 & 12

my hero's were Cecil & Beanie,

Rin Tin Tin Roy & Dale

and Nellie Bell the Jeep.

From 12 to early teens it was

Babe Ruth & Sandy Koufax,

the Cop on his beat,Eisenhower

Audie Murphy & Chuck Yeager

Then came the sixties

and the end of innocence

I lost more than my virginity

more than country,

more than trust.

I lost myself.

Where now the hero's

some like myself set…


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Today has been one of those days that have made me search out what ever it was I did that po'd the Creator to the extant that he blessed me with shoulder pain (bursites) whole body pain..chills etc. etc.

Pardon me but I think i'll take a day or two off and just feel sorry for myself!

I know..I know that there's thousands of people worse off than me and it's the "giving " season and all that...but...well...BAAH HUMBUG!!!..





For the…


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The Submariner's Prayer


O Father, Hear our prayer to thee

For your humble servants

Beneath the sea

In the depths of oceans, as oft they stray

So far from night, so far from day

We would ask your guiding light to glow

To make their journey safe below

Please oft times grant them patient mind

Then ‘ere the darkness won’t them blind

They seek thy protection from the deep

Please grant them peace when ‘ere they sleep

Of their…


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Dennis J Banks 1937-2017

His family released this statement:

“Our father Dennis J. Banks started his journey to the spirit world at 10:10 pm on October 29, 2017.

As he took his last breaths, Minoh sang him four songs for his journey. All the family who were present prayed over him and said our individual goodbyes. Then we proudly sang him the AIM song as his final send off.

Our father will be laid to rest in his home community of Leech Lake, MN. Presiding over traditional services will be Terry…


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Johnny Cash - Crazy Old Soldier

Crazy Old Soldier

I've had fame and fortune, women come knock on my door

I've lived to the limit and maybe a little bit more

There are so many stories of how I got out of control

Some say it's a woman, some say it's my troubled soul

I'm like a crazy old solider fightin'a war on my own

Just me and the whiskey and the bottles are ten thousand strong

You'd think I'd give up as many times as I've been hit

But like a crazy old soldier, I just don? t know…


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