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21 Trees You Should Never Plant In Your Yard

If you are passionate about gardening, somewhere along the line includes planting trees. Certainly, know that some trees and shrubs are better than others. There are several important aspects you m… View »

Growing Clerodendrum: How To Care For The Bleeding Heart Vine

Plants grown for the spring market have changed over the past few years. We use to see just the usual foliage mix. Now, there isn’t just foliage but color. Clerodendrum (some say Clerodendron) is a… View »

27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up – Incompatible Plants!

27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up – Incompatible Plants! Most experienced gardeners do a good job in keeping their plants healthy but even with these efforts some plants are just not meant to g… View »

Companion Planting - Vegetable Gardening Plant Combinations

Companion planting and combining means growing plants together that like or benefit each other. Vegetable companion gardening can have a real impact on the health and yield of your plants. In nature… View »

Which Is Better Bromeliads or Orchids For Indoor Color?

In the winter months, many gardeners miss caring for and enjoying plants. Houseplants like the Sansevieria trifasciata can fill the gap somewhat, but for dazzling color and easy care, bromeliads and… View »

Is Landscape Fabric EVER Not Horrible?

Because I watch so many gardening videos, I’ve naturally come across a few about landscape fabric, also called weed cloth. Though we associate it's use with landscapers, bad ones, landscaper John… View »

Tips On What To Do With Cold or Frozen Houseplants

Recently, we’ve received some questions on house plants which stayed outside in the cold and what to do? The questions go something like this! Question: Ficus Tree or Dracaena got really cold when I… View »

Common Garden Creatures: Learn to Love Wasps and Snakes

You’re weeding around your tomato bed and come face to face with a snake working its way through the vines, or perhaps you discover a wasp nest in an empty, overturned flower pot. You run screaming t… View »

12 Companion Plants To Grow With Your Tomatoes

Some people believe in tomato companion plants and others think it is some old wives tale. Growing friendly plants together is said to help growth, produce more flavor and protect fruits and vegetabl… View »

10 Nutrition Tips to Boost Health and Flavor in Fresh Food

How you handle, cook and store fresh food — and the types and varieties you choose — all affect its flavor and nutritional value. Learn some easy nutrition tips to get the most from your fresh fruits… View »


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