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Succulent Plant Pruning – How And When To Prune Succulents

There are many reasons for pruning succulent plants. Cactus care and pruning is sometimes similar and usually discussed when advising how to prune a succulent. Keep reading to learn more about succu… View »

Peat Moss: How To Best Use Peat Moss In The Garden

Sphagnum peat moss first became available to gardeners as a soil amendment in the early 1900s. Since that time, the discovery revolutionized the way we grow plants. Sphagnum moss mostly came from Can… View »

All About Rhubarb Plants

It takes about three years, but rhubarb plants will thrive once established and provide tart, tasty stalks for a decade or more. Rhubarb plants, with their red or red and green stalks, can add a ta… View »

All About Growing the Stevia Plant

Tickle your taste buds with the sweet-tasting, zero-calorie stevia herb.   Growing stevia is easy in well-drained beds or containers, and the stevia leaves can be dried or crushed to replace sugar… View »

Different Types of Beans with Three Sisters Mash Recipe

Learn about different types of beans and its role in Native American cuisine.  Beans are high in protein and can be used in a variety of dishes.  Dried beans are the backbone of Native cuisine. Hig… View »

Admire your garden instead of just pulling weeds.

No matter how much we love gardening, most of us would rather admire our gardens than pull weeds or fight pests in July and August. Unfortunately, the hottest part of summer is when many garden prob… View »

How to Repot Houseplants

When a plant has outgrown its pot, it’s time to give it more space. Follow these simple steps to safely move your houseplant to a new home. Repotting is good for a growing plant, but only if it is do… View »

21 Trees You Should Never Plant In Your Yard

If you are passionate about gardening, somewhere along the line includes planting trees. Certainly, know that some trees and shrubs are better than others. There are several important aspects you m… View »

Growing Clerodendrum: How To Care For The Bleeding Heart Vine

Plants grown for the spring market have changed over the past few years. We use to see just the usual foliage mix. Now, there isn’t just foliage but color. Clerodendrum (some say Clerodendron) is a… View »

27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up – Incompatible Plants!

27 Plants That Don’t Like To Mix It Up – Incompatible Plants! Most experienced gardeners do a good job in keeping their plants healthy but even with these efforts some plants are just not meant to g… View »


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