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How to Care for a Holiday Cactus

With a little know-how and some careful timing, you can keep your Christmas or Thanksgiving cactus blooming year after year. Schlumbergera plants are epiphytes hailing from the rainforests of Bra… View »

Moringa Oleifera: A Great Immune Booster

Every part of the Moringa Oleifera plant is useful and beneficial in a variety of ways; from treating infections and acting as an immune booster to being used in perfume and machine lubricant. I… View »

Farm Safety Takes Caution and Experience

  Pay attention and practice prevention to keep yourself secure while doing farm work. Operating a tractor in snow takes skill, which requires practice to build. Experience will teach you what’s saf… View »

What Is Pantone – Planting A Garden With Pantone’s Color Palette

Need inspiration for your garden color scheme? Pantone, the system used to match colors for everything from fashion to print, has a beautiful and inspiring palette each year. For example, the colors… View »

Bedhead Garden Ideas: How To Grow A Bedhead Garden

Admit it, you love your days off when you can roll out of bed, throw on comfy clothes and embrace the bedhead look. While this messy, comfortable look may not fly at the office, it’s perfect for run… View »

What Is A Stale Seedbed – Killing Weeds With Stale Seedbed Method

Stale bread is not a desirable thing unless you are making a pudding, but stale seedbeds are a relatively new cultivation technique that is all the rage. What is a stale seedbed? The bed is the resu… View »

Top Houseplants For Low, Medium and High Light Conditions Indoors

Email is always coming in with questions about what houseplants are the best indoors and what light they should have. Plants add decoration, softness and say “welcome” when you have them inside. I gu… View »

Gardening And The Internet: Gardening Online With Social Media

Gardening And The Internet: Gardening Online With Social Media Since the birth of the internet or world wide web, new information and gardening tips are instantly available. Although I still love the… View »

A Brief History of Plant Hunters

How the precarious adventures of botanists have shaped gardening as we know it today.  Plant hunters were adventurers, often charting new territories and plant species alike.  Illustration by Dave H… View »

9 Natural Ways To Keep Snails and Slugs Out Of Your Garden

For slimy creatures, snails and slugs are actually kind of cute! However, when these pests start to eat your spinach leaves or attack your pepper plants, they quickly become unwanted guests. Land sna… View »


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