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January 6 - Daily Feast
Volume II

What have we of life's beautiful things? A rainbow's shimmering hues when a shower has ended? A warm brown puppy in the sunlight? A mockingbird singing while a thin veil of clouds is drawn like misty curtains across the face of the moon; a playhouse where string is stretched from tree to tree to shut out invaders; children's laughter and the fluttering of bird wings in a tiny flowing stream? The best of beautiful things are still free. They are bits and pieces of joyful things that become part of us - a child in a field of daisies, a friendly hand, a smile, a whispered prayer. What are we that is not a fragment from a past happiness - a iyu quu -v hna i- to hi dv, a moment of peace?

~ When we see the changes of day and night, the sun, moon, and stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth.... Anyone must realize that it is the work of someone more powerful than man. ~


"A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 6

"When we're through with this earth and all these problems, we don't have to come back. But as long as we're here we have a job to do and a purpose to fulfill and that means dealing with the circumstances around us."

Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

We are put on the earth to participate in life. We have a beautiful mind, we have the ability to pray, we have the ability to change, we have the ability to accept, and we have choices. All things God created are constantly changing. This constant change causes our circumstances to change. Sometimes we say life is difficult. During these times we need to use our tools: the tools of prayer, and the tools of meditation. We are designed to change and live joyfully on this earth. The only requirement for living joyfully is to live according to the laws, principles and values given to us by the Creator.

Great Spirit, give me Your courage today, and guide my footsteps.


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Think on pleasant things. Deliberately turn your thoughts to something pleasant when the pressures are too intense. And be careful as undisciplined thought quickly sifts back to the unhappy, unsettled mind.

The greater part of the time we are victims of our emotions. They play havoc with our peace of mind and are great friends of pessimism. They tell us things are true with such sincerity that we believe them into fact. They convince us things are a certain way and that we cannot remedy them with any amount of effort.

But stop where you are and consider what it is you are listening to and how it affects your feelings. Do a turnabout and take the positive route of deliberately replacing thoughts of unhappiness, injustices, and misunderstandings with the thought that these are merely chariots to carry us past all that has withheld freedom.

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January 7 - Daily Feast

To the Cherokee, the land is not dirt and stone and trees, it is a life nourisher. The seed is more than a dormant embryo, it is life. The person is more than a human creature, he is spirit. It is never the worship of nature - but it is the love and adoration of that which set it all in motion, the Substance behind moisture, the sunlight, the rise and fall of the tides. Incredible things are happening right before our eyes, but most are looking for things to mourn and things to celebrate. Look behind the events. The rays of sun can damage - but the reason behind all these depths and heights heals and restores.

~ The sun is my father; the earth is my mother; on her bosom I will repose. ~


"A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 7

"..when we become hollow bones there is no limit to what the Higher Powers can do in and through us in spiritual things."

Frank Fools Crow, LAKOTA

If we want to be of maximum use to the Creator, we must ready ourselves to do so. If we are to become a channel for His purposes, we must prepare ourselves to do so. If we have resentment, fear, selfishness, or anger, we are not hollow bones. We must be rid of these things. We must change ourselves. We must ask for forgiveness for ourselves and forgive our brothers and sisters. We must keep our insides clean. We cannot use our power in a good way when we have blockages such as hate, judgment and envy. When we are free of these things the Higher Powers can use us beyond our wildest imagination. Then we can really help ourselves and help our people. Only when we are hollow bones can we have an effect on the world.

Oh Great Spirit, remove from me the things that block my usefulness to You. Remove from my day all thinking that is out of harmony with Your ways. Grant me Your peace and allow me to function as a hollow bone.


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Following the wrong map will not get us where we want to be. Time and time again we have followed this map and though it seemed right we have always ended up in a sad place. Everyone has been on the wrong road at some time, but if they continue to insist their map is right -- then stress follows.

How many times we have asked ourselves what we are doing wrong. Chances are we don't ask because we really want to know. Do we ask for new directions or because we may be able to blame someone else? We know who must change.

Take the directions and flush them, they are bad news and even though it is not what we want to do, do we really want to find ourselves in another sad place?

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