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January 11 - Daily Feast

People know important things about living, but too often know it with their heads and not their hearts. Heart knowledge changes a person at the core. It is important to know that it is not what goes into us that makes a difference but what comes out. Give the heart reason to rejoice - not because of outer circumstances but from that inner source of knowing that we do not have to lie down and die because some said it. Give the heart reason to say, "I will live and not die, I will rejoice and not cry."

~ My friends, I have been asked to show you my heart. I am glad to have a chance to do so. ~


"A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler


Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 11

"Race and language makes no difference; the barriers are gone when persons can come together on high spiritual levels."

Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

Not only are race and language barriers overcome by spirituality, but all things are overcome by spirituality. Inside every human being is the spirit. When we see people, we can choose to look at their outside or we can choose to look at their inside. Spirituality resides inside of others, we must be able to look at our own inside. If we see spirituality inside ourselves, we will see spirituality inside others. The saying is, "what you sees is what you gets."

My Creator, let me see all my brothers and sisters through the spiritual eye.


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Keep hope alive and thriving because it is the stuff that faith shapes and forms to answer our prayers. Hope with all your heart and then be glad when it works.

Never think any worthy desire is hopeless. Don't give up on those needs and wishes that seem to never be fulfilled. Our faithfulness to them is the very thing that keeps them in the forefront so that we never forget.

Hope is the substance of the heart and spirit. The minute we think something is hopeless we drain away power and strength and the vision to see it all come true. There is nothing that will run us down and force the truth on us, because it is our quest, our chance to escape our hopelessness and to become individuals of ability.

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