More Eastern Cherokee Words and Cherokee Words and Phrases 2

Uganawa - oo-gah-nah-wah = Warm

S'gi - shki = Thank You

Hawa - Ha-wah = Your Welcome

Udo = oo-doe = Brother

Vgido = uh- gee- doe (gee almost sounds like Key) = Sister (male)

Ulv = oo-luh = Sister (female)

Unega - oo-nay-gah = White

Unega gesdi tsiwoni - oo-nay-gah gay-sh-dee see-woe-nee = I don't speak white/English

Tsalagi Tsiwoni - saw-la-gee see-woe-nee = I speak Cherokee

Usti goliga woni tsalagi - oo-shti go-lee-gah woe-nee saw-la-gee I understand a little Cherokee

Nigadv osda sunalei! (Good morning everyone)


Cherokee Words and Phrases 2

Uyahi - (oo-yah-he) = Husband
Adali'i - (ah-dah-lee-ee) = Wife
Unaligohi - (oo-nah-lee-go-he) = Partner
Unaligodi - (oo-nah-lee-go-dee) = Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Hadi S'gi - (hah-dee  shkee) = No Thank You
Udohiyui - (oo-doe-he-you-ee) = Please
Kawi - (kah-wee) = Coffee
Tsalagi tsiwoni - (saw-la-gee  see-woe-nee) = I speak Cherokee
Tsalagi Aniwoniha - (saw-la-gee  Ah-nee-woe-nee-ha) = They are speaking Cherokee
Unega gesdi yitsiwoni - (oo-nay-gah gay-stee yee-see-woe-nee) = I don't speak white/English
Osda nadvneha - (o-sta nah-duh-nay-ha) = You are doing good
Dodetsadoa - (doe-day-saw-doe-ah) = What is your name?
Ulasula - (oo-la-sue-la) = moccasins
Inena - (ee-nay-nah) = Go with me
Denena - (dee-nay-nah) = you all go with me
Kiyahaga - (key-ya-ha-gah) = Come In
Adassligi - (ah-dah-sh-lee-gee) = Blessings

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Osiyo White Hawk,
You do good things with this page for sure. When I was young....I knew much about our language but it was Oklahoma style. I took the three classes with the Oklahoma Nation but learned little. I wrote the administrator and asked why it was we learned how to say a chicken was sitting on the fence when I felt the more important things to learn were things such as Great Spirit, We are one, Touch Earth Mother and so on. I learned many things from one of the administrators who eventually left to move to Texas and lost track of him. What I know to this day is from others and I work hard to keep our language alive even though it is the western dialect. If I could offer a suggestion, it would be to include more pertinent things or sayings in the spiritual way. It is so easy to speak in the everyday ways of the white world, but our connections with the natural is a different way. I would be happy to share with you what I know but it is not eastern. I always wanted the spirit words..spirit phrases and it was a sad thing that the nation in Okla. would not give that out. You are doing good things here, yet know the basic things are not the spirit things that many would love to learn. Perhaps we can look these things up together...either way...Equa Wado for what you are doing here...a great gift you are...
S'gi Udo ( Thank You Brother ) for your kind words .. I have a lot of the Western dialect on this group. With the Eastern dialect....... Yes that sounds like a good Idea to me... let me know...

Donagahv'i ( Until we talk again )


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