Lozen was an Apache warrior woman and Shaman. It is said that she possessed magic powers. Her brother, chief Victorio, is quoted to have said, "Lozen is my right hand, strong as a man, braver than most and cunning in strategy. Lozen is a shield to her people." She fought beside Geronimo and her story is one of a fascinating and highly respected woman who sadly died of tuberculosis in confinement at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. - Colorization of the "only" monochrome known photo of Lozen.

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Thank you for posting this. I love the pictures of this great strong woman!
I posted a 5 part documentary on her a few years back if you would like to check it out in my videos...

Yes thank you I would love to see that video, thank you for the link

Lozen (c. 1840-1890) was a skilled warrior and a prophet of the Chihenne Chiricahua Apache. She was the sister of Victorio, a prominent chief. There is only one picture believed to be of Lozen of when her and other Apaches were being shipped to the reservation in Florida


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