I have lived my whole life knowing in everything there maybe a few rotten apples..
Today it seems the Rotten Apples are the Ones being heard Loud and Clear.

I remember the 4 Police Officers on luch break being targeted and killed not long ago I had a Father who served in the Military, who served as a Police Officer, and Served as Sheriff of his County.. I knew the fear of Dad may not return at the end of his shift..

Because I have lived this kinfd of Life I wonder where we are headed... 2officers were shot in California, 2 were delibertly Killed in NY, another shooting in Florida and many other anti police shootings..
When Police don't respond and other First Resonders don't repond to our calls for help, what will we do ??

Many want our guns, so we can be like the UK defenseless, Many in Austrailia are waking up to the facts they are defensless..

Where are we headed???
When people Prottest and sanction Killing Police Officers////

If you support all of your Protectors I hope you go to your Local First Responders and let them Know in this time of Uncertainty You Support Them

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