Not many people understand the true meaning of the word "warrior." Now a days when we think of that term, in the day and age we are in, it is severely misconstrued. Now a days a "warrior" is a "soldier." This is not exactly the true essence of what is meant. Though meaning differs from culture to culture and society to society, there is only one true meaning for me. It is the person, male or female, who gives. Yes, the one who gives from the Heart, has no use for materials, who stays behind to insure the well being of the village, then catches up. He or she is the one person who will "go out on that limb" no matter weather it is socially, or otherwise, to help people. The "warrior" is not one who makes war, but more "negotiates peace" and can avoid and avert war. So when you walk through life not really understanding, and wondering what a "warrior" is, remember this: You cannot be a warrior unless..."You can love yourself before you love others, you know yourself before you can help others, and you can heal before you know how to fight or kill" ...Great Bear, Deleware.

Wanishi and Love.

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