We Were Blest

Those of my age you see
To have lived in the time when
Kids could run free
To play free
Streets were safe for everybody
Doors were left open
The yard not all fenced in
In the days we all could walk
Anytime on the city streets
In a time when guns went to schools
Without anyone getting shot
We went many places
Without any fears
Just happy and free

A time when those who lived around you
Looked out for you and yours
As you did for them
If one of them fell on times of need
Everyone stepped up gave a hand
No one had to ask for it
It was what one did back then
We gave what we could
Most of the time
That was all we had to give
Was our self and time
But that was always good enough
For Any one of us back then
Family and friends
Helping each other

As the bible says we should do
Kids could play on the porch
Without fear of being shot
Back then one never even thought of it
People came together
In time of sorrow and joy
We were a part of what we had made
Our towns or cities to be
We took care of it and those in it

Just as any of the farmers
Did and still do today
But somewhere along the way
We the people lost that
Or let it be taken away
We the people would come together
To right what wrongs were done
Stand together as one
Not let anything come in and take over
What we had built as a community
Not because we are black or white
But because we worked hard
To make them what they are
No one person did it
We did it together

Yes those of my age
Can understand all too well
What is gone now
One can only hope
That someway somehow
We the people can get back
What was once our way of life

That a few of us were
Truly blest to have lived
In those blessed times
When God and Country were everything
To those of us called American’s
Who stop at the raising of our country’s flag
To stand with our hands over our hearts
As we all looked at her
Flying high in our country sky
We each had a pride in our hearts
Each and every time we seen her flying high
For we all understood the price
That others paid for us to have this life
Back then we all believed
It’s the right way for us to be
No one told us what we could
Or what we could not do with it
We would have taken a stand
To see that what we are and our life
Stay the way it was to be

God country and flag
Take it or get the HELL out
No talking about it
It just how it’s going to be
Out of honor and pride
For all who gave their lives
We to would stand or die
For this our way of life
Those of my age
We Were Blest
To have lived those times

Sad is what is seen these days
Tear in the eyes

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