Many times  the Spirits of  the lost loved ones  join me

in my daily life

But at this time of year  so many converge on my 

heart and mind

That is a true blessing to me

Even tough some days it is harder to handle

The days I struggled with their pain and fears

The fear they could not bring their Family and Friends


The pain they lived with  while worrying over the pain of

their inevitable death

I write this because I am in that stage

I have survived  Mothers Day, Thanksgiving and

now Face Christmas

Instead I sit here refusing to  enter a grocery

This was the date I shopped for my Sisters final Christmas

Both of us praying she could bring her Children Closer

They could lay down all the anger, hostilites  and

self prescribed  drugs and alcohol of choice

Those thoughts  and prayerrs have been flooding me

If our God is merciful  she knows now that after she left

They all came to the reality

She really loved them

Loved them more than life itself

Some have changed how they live now because of  her love

She floods my memories with it is Ok now

But I cannot  live  as she wants

I still in her honor plant a living tree

At this time I have again only the Nativity

My reason for Celebration

My Grandparents, Parents, Brothrs and Sisters Spirits accept

What I do 

Celebrating the Reason for the Season

The blessings recieve  through the love and caring

of those no longer here

Yet all the Joy  they shared during my lifetime

Is alive in me

And they  are with me in Spirit

Just as my Fallen are with me in Spirit 

As I hung a wreath  of Angels and Yellow Ribbons outside

Because the Families know  I too am remembering

The empty chairs in their homes

as well as the empty chairs in mine

Please Cherish the moments 

you have with your Family and Friends

May you all be Blessed 

May your homes be filled with Love

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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