The Reality Behind The Number 666

Published on May 25, 2012 by 5T4RSCREAM233

The number 666 (666 / 6*6*6 = 216 / 2160 / 21,600, etc.) is a code purposely left by the ancients to help us understand the nature of the universe. It has nothing to do with Satan or an evil being coming to get you. It is found in just about everything in nature and helps us understand the universe from ourselves to basic structures of matter to the planets and the stars. Time to wake up and see what ELSE the church has hidden from you. This is just the tip of the iceberg too!

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Comment by SiNeh~ on May 26, 2012 at 11:46am

Beloved RumiaNa~
It isn't a video from David Wilcock and I never say when I post something that this IS my point of view.
If I share something that comes to my attenton, I share it as FOOD FOR THOUGHT and for ANYONE to build their own mind EXCEPT I add a personal comment below my blog or IN the blog.

This Video here I share, I indeed see a very interesting explanation and I am grateful for the producer of it make the researches he does.
He never claim to be right, he only say THINK about folks :)

You and I know that if it comes to RELIGION, we all were left in the dark for ages and until the internet was invented and gave us access to research on our own. We had to BELIEF what THEY have shown and told us.

It is even for most of our sisters and Brothers still that way and THIS cause much wars we have on Earth. "called HOLY WARS". LOL

I personally follow MY heart and intuition as I don't accept anymore to be blinded by outer sources.

Love~, SiNeh~

Comment by Rumiana As-Nova Alexander on May 26, 2012 at 10:59am

Thank you spiritual brother SiNeh,even I am fan of David Willcock,or that he is a reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,or multidim.mind,I have to again disagree with His/yours views:1}I agree that the druid ancient computer,in Stonehenge,England is{doomsdaymachine,connected with Giza pyramids,are meant /built by God enemy: Devil=Satan ,to destroy the blue planet of God{the seventh planet from the Sun,as 7 is sacred number,but the Planet Saturn =Satan,is indeed the evil solar system father,who in collaborating with his evil wife Jupiter=Lucifera{using her red evil spot,vulcano,to atract the other smaller planets,asteroids,end deliver them to the Saturn=Dead,to "eat them",by traping them in his strong gravitational field{this was described,by the greek mithology etc.2}If you look carefull,what Nasa saw,was sixegram{the inner core of the seal of Solomon=David{blessed by God} star,around`,the pentagram star,2 up,3 down=symbol of black magic,wica etc.of Satan=Lucifer,around the north pole of Saturn.This is to represent the Victory of Archangel Michael=God of the Universe,over the trown out of heaven 1/3 fallen angels{demons=devils=titans with their leader the Satan=Lucifer,in our solar system{also their currently discovered by Nasa,red planet Nibiru,very closed to the Earth now.3}I never tought,that the ,even its measurements,the Moon,666=mark of the man= humans,the Earth,are been clean from the evil gravity=dead,even ofall made even on the image of God-Goddess:Rumiana{Dove} Dead=Saturn,Jupiter,Mars,Moon,Earth,Neptun,Uranius,Vulcan,Mercury,because their rotation is from 1 to 0,clockwise,only planet rotating counterclock,inercial,is the Planet of Venus=Love=God{"trapt" in the grav.field of the Solar System,until release,as selfaccelerating system,at the end of the siderial year 25800 years,at the Grand Convergance of the flatness of the Solar system with the Galactic center,making a Cosmic Cross,on the winter solstice 21-12-2012,so now we understand the words of the savior Jesus:acsept the cross,love each other,I am the Morning star=Venus,the first=alfa and the last=omega,to be saved!loveRumiana

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