Stormy Weather

Stormy weather moving in

The leaves will soon be on the ground

With  60 mile winds  moving them around

Winds and heavy rain make for a grey day

For many

Yet I  shall enjoy watching and listening

The winds carry  a music  a song  and  lesson

Many never hear or see

The trees bending in the winds 

Yet  rooted deeply within Mother Earth

Remain standing

Just like us  as we overcome trials

The  birds  seeking shelter in the trees

Green forever trees that offer them shelter

From the pouring rains

Soon  the leaves will be gone

The limbs on many trees will  be barren

And then they will rest

Until a new season of new life begins

Stormy weathers wind song

Reassures me

There is a season for everything in life

To enjoy and embrace

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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