Many  years ago  when  we wee  retired  people

Due to  health and age we gave up our Apartmets

A place  for  returning soldiers  whose Families resuded with us.

A little Village   retired Vets,  Military and to Units for recovering

NARA  Families.. A place for the struggling  to make it.or get a

New Start in life..So they could move on with their lives..

All the time  we  were there we only had  one  who had to  return to

NARA (15 years) and I used to think  what a great success rate, Native

Americans  finding their way back  , Veterans  getting a education and

moving on, Soldiers  some very special returning from Desert Storm 

returning to their Families.. returning to  a Village where they were

  accepted with open arms.. a little Village  setting   on the eastside of 

a busy   bustling  City  that   usually  swallowed   these people up and

left them homeless.. Being a Veteran Family,  being of   the Native 

American Family   and Struggling through life ..That was our Dream

paying forward what we could for those who  really needed a helping

hand up..

But 16 years later   having a heart attack,  doctors saying  retire or die

We retired  the saddest  yet  probably  greatest  days  was the day I

was moved to the Oregon Coast.. When I went back to my  Village I

discovered all our  Able Families had packed everything up and 12

hours later  there was a caravan of cars, vans, and trucks  escorting

us over the Mountian to my new  but old Home Town Where my Father

was Stationed  when I was a baby, my retirement dream of many

years .. The Oregon Coast  with rivers, the ocean and mountains my

idea of a little  piece of  Heaven.. They  spent the day  unpacked

everything.. So much love and  such saddness any many  tears..

And a new lifes starting over, regaining health, conecting with

     Veterans and  Coasties, and locating homes for  a couple of 

Veterans who decided  they   were going to  retire   where  we were..

  God was I blessed..  Until  2 1\2 years later   when  God kicked me in

the head and said wake up  your jobs not done.. A few months before

he kicked me  we had a Beautiful  Family  move in next door to us with

2 beautiful children and expecting a third.. The Children always

wanting to help in my  garden while Dad was at work,  The Mom 

always  said Hi as she left to shop  or took out  the trash, The Dad

well he was   one of those who was  always offering help  when he

thought  I needed it.. And I  in my blindness  did not see what was

happening around me.. Behind the closed doors Mom was  Drinking..

The husband  hid the fact, the children  never spoke of it, and I never

smelled it the times we were in the yard together...

Then we had a brand new baby  girl, she was a bauty, perfect in

everyway.. Two weeks later a frantic Child was at my  door she could

not wake up her Mom and her sister   had changed colors.. and Dad

was at work.. God kicked me hard that day.. He took a innocent child 

Home and the mother was so drunk  she could not be woke up.. A

ambulance,  cornanor, and police..  A Father told to come home  two

children in tears with me..while the father  was at the ospital.. 2 days

later  she was  arrested  when she was released from the hospital..

Doctors saying  the baby died from alchol posioning..

Two weeks and 5 days ago this sweet baby  turned  18 , two weeks

ago and 5day ago 18 years  ao  she was laid to rest  with only  the

Father, the Mother in handcuffs and   the children and  my  husband

and I standing  in tears..

The story  came out of their trials, their losses , their struggles and

through the Grace of God  she was remanded to NARA, and

through the Grace of God the Family has been reunited as a Family

and with  their Families

But I learned  God  protected me for a reason  and it was not to retire,

but to  reach out when needed, to never  be blinded  to what is

happening around you  ..Never forget kindnesses paid to you  and pay

them forward

So today  I again entered tho  gateway to  Her final Resting place..

Hopefully she knows She is Never Forgotten Hopefully she knows  she is the reason

I will never retire   but live each day  as it comes doing  what must be done   not for

self  but for others who someday may  pay forward a kindness no matter how large or

small it may be..

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on June 4, 2015 at 7:36am

Oh I have many reasons for hanging on.. and I now am searching for 3 Children who were a big part of my life as a Foster parent.. The State would not allow me to adopt them, they said it was because I was not Mexican.. I think it was because they would have had to reduce the number of children I was allowed to have in my care (13) at one time.... They were going to split them up and a couple who had adopted one child already wanted a child of Norwigen heritage so they chose to offer them my boy.. well when i found out this man was married to a hispanic, I broke the rules..You are only allowed to take the child selected to visit the prospective parents in a nuetral setting.. His first meeting was in the park...I took my Danny over and they took him to the swings.. I then went and got my girls and sat at a table waiting and watching.. the wife came over and ask me about my girls and who they were and I bluntly told her they were Danny's Sisters.. She was shocked they had not told them he had Sisters.. well my prayers were answered they adopted all three, they got to stay together.. I know the town they went to now to find school year books to find their new names and just find out They are all Well and Happy... A little (big) piece of my life I seek to find..So they can have their Baby Books , Health History and Many Pictures

Comment by Tsoi Tawodi on June 4, 2015 at 7:15am

Powerful story and are still here for good reason...and we are grateful as well for you.

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