Raccoon is one of my silent totems. I read my cards two days ago,
(something I rarely do) and pulled the Raccoon. Then last night a
Raccoon and a baby Raccoon came to my back yard. She was washing her
food in the pool when I spotted her from the balcony. I started talking
to her, and she looked up at me to make eye contact and she seemed as if
she were saying to me "I hear you!" I was not that far away from her
and it did not bother her that I was some crazy lady on a balcony
talking to her in baby talk. lol! She even strolled off eventually out
of the pool gate only to come right back in with her baby beside her.
This time she came even closer to me. It was a wonderful experience!

Raccoon Medicine is very plentiful "Generous Protector,Dexterity, Disguise, Cleanliness"

Raccoon tells you to look around and see who needs your strength at this
time. Speak up in defense of another instead of remaining silent when
others are gossiping. Maybe it is time to share the bounty of your time,
energy, or possessions with the less fortunate. But remember to help
those in need develop their own protector and provider skills. In all
cases, Raccoon asks that you honor yourself and others equally. Provide
for your own needs, or you well will be dry when you choose to give
generously. Chiefs earn their Eagle feathers when they promote every
human’s right to self-dignity; acting in this manner brings that same
honor to yourself and to your family.”

Raccoon is keeper of what goes around comes around. What you give out is
what you receive. You give back to the source of your strength.
Sometimes we rob ourselves of our strength by our attitude, by
self-pity, by apathy, or by over-extending ourselves out of “duty.” If
you’ve been giving too much of your time and energy, it may be time to
receive. You have to be generous with yourself as well. You can’t
receive the help and support of the world you’re part of if your hands
are closed in a fist.

Raccoon also says to keep an eye out for “energy vampires.” People who
take and rarely give back. People who are constantly needy. Your
generosity is wasted on those who refuse to help themselves/practice

Other wisdom Raccoon shares.... Raccoons are omnivorous… they eat almost
anything they can get their nimble little fingers on. This kind of
resourcefulness and “not putting all one’s eggs in one basket” is good
medicine to use. Variety is not only the spice of life, it’s the
resourcefulness of life. Whatever it is that raccoon needs, he is going
to try to get it in a variety of ways, instead of insisting it come from
one direction in exactly a certain way. When you practice flexibility
and resourcefulness, there are less limitations in life.

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Comment by LadyHawkღ on October 18, 2010 at 3:30pm
Thank you for sharing this OneCrow!
They are cute...aren't they?
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