Question Brought To My Attention Via Friend Elsewhere...

He' To All :
Recently, as of today , it was brought to my attention that some of our soldiers who have mental and emotional conditions , PTSD and/ or go AWOL are being considered less than a Veteran upon their return. I was asked if that was supposed to happen and I would like to clarify the Federal Rules, Regulations, Guidelines and Law under the Veteran and Veteran Affairs Acts through our history and are still on the books. It reads , as per what a Veteran is : "ANY individual or group of individuals brought into the service of their country by their own accord, by order, by draft or other wise, who put their lives on the line for the safety, security and serenity of the citizens of the United States Of American and / or the country itself." So the answer: YOU ARE ALL VETERANS ! THROUGH IT BACK IN THEIR FACES IF THEY TELL YOU OTHERWISE...FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS BROTHERS AND SISTERS !

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