That is how I live even today with all the technology.. I look around at my neighbors and wonder if they realize they are suffocating mother earth , starving all the creation that could be brought forth by mother nature, flooding our rivers and streams with trash and polutants and changing the air we breathe.

Many years ago my grandparents taught me Never to threaten that which gives us our food to always replace that which is taken for shelter, cut a tree plant a tree thats how they lived giving shelter to more than themselves.

Just the other day I realize how lucky I am to be old school.. I am the only one who has a gravel drive and am the only one who was and is not inspected and like some recieved notices to replace and repair broken concrete drives and sidewalks..

Old school gravel lets the earth breathe and grass grow between the foot prints of my car..and grand mother used to say rocks helped clean the water and allows mother earth the needed water..

I am learning water has to go some place and when you smother our lands with concrete asphalt and etc we will experience sink holes caused by water traveling the path of least resistance..

So I remain old school in my way of living cost me $36 dollars a yard to gravel my drive, a neighbor down the road is looking at over $700 to rip up the concrete drive and replace

So glad I am Old School

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