I know how blessed my life has been
I have lived a life where real love exists
Filled with compassionate, caring Brothers and Sisters, Husband, and Family chosen and blood.

Yet again I face the fact I will again this year lose more of those I love and have given me love.. One goes into the hospital before Thanksgiving and is now talking about earning his wings, his struggles have been many and his pain only a few could imagine.. a lifetime spent in the Navy Seals and other operations around the world until his body could no longer handle the tasks required.. Oh I told him he can't have his wings until I have earned mine but like all Brothers of mine he laughs and said he can't wait for miracles to happen..

Then the other shoe dropped and another again younger Brother announced after 20 years and a ambulance ride with sirens and lights he and his wife have been told 2 weeks, to 2 months or maybe a little longer.. He to a life timer who has stayed active and rescued many from the edge finding them a path in life instead of ending their lives.. Many times talking to me about how to deal with the suicides I have witnessed and how to reach out with advice to those needing help..

Oh I can pray for Miracles but I can also Pray for Peace without pain for my Brothers.. I know when they do leave they will have their wings and their final words will leave us smiling and laughing for that is their way..

So to my God I thank you for filling the life of this military brat and widow with the true love of my Brothers and Sisters near and far who have made me one of the Richest Women in this World.. as we will not count the days ahead but the Rich Moments we will Share with Love and Laughter

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