A simple Christmas  Tradition carried on

A tree planted in memory of those no longer here

In memory of our Fallen Warriors, Family and Friends

And in a near by  tree birds were singing

A sign of Hope as we get closer to  a New Year

As I looked around  in my Memory Garden I spotted

One single rose  bud 

On my Yellow  Peace Rose partially  opened

Another gift   of Promised Peace

For all those I have prayed for daily

When I entered  the house

I was greeted with the words

I love you

Spoken with  genuine feeling and truth

A gift that could not have been bought

Which is  the same gift I returned to the man in my life

We then allowed ourselves time

to  respond to Merry Christmas  Wishes from

Warrior Nation, Face book , and enails

Recognizing the Gift of  Friendship 

As a gift from those far and near.

Making calls to those we knew would be alone

Calling a Son who died but was given back

Through the Grace of God and Men  who were given

The gift of saving lives.

Talking to a child who learned

If you believe in yourself and  have faith

You can change  your life and his gif to me was

I have lost over 60 lbs.

I was a360 pounds

Today I weigh 303 pounds

Since I have been praying for  him and a healthy life

I again recognized a Gift that could not be vought and placed

Under any Christmas tree.

As many people struggle

I see the gift of them overcoming and being Thankful

Then the long awated call came

From the  Grandchild

We spent many years raising

Since  our Son  his father

Has always lived a Troubled life  with many handicaps.

But a father who can paint rosy pictures

In a childs mind of what could be.

But would never become a reality

Being Parents and Grandparents

We knew he would have to face life and truth as it really is

As a young man  he will tough it out

Finish his  College courses

Graduating  in June as a Electrican

Then return  to a promised Job  nearer to  the place he calls home

A awakening  to the reality he cannot some  he loves

But he can move forward in his life

Blazing his own  trails in the future

Never giving up on what could be

Loving Parents  who  gave him life

But were never able to be what he had hoped for

A gift definitely  given

A Grandchild-Son Who understands the Serenity Prayer

Hearing from my Soldier Sons

Who struggle   who fear the coming pink slips

Calling to  Wish us a Merry Christmas

Assuring us no matter what

They will forge ahead and overcome.

and one day  they will walk through our door

Meeting their  war time Mom and  Dad

and the rest of their God Given Family

Hopefully at the August Family Reunion.

I my Friends have been truely Blessed

With  Gfts only a Heart can gove another heart

With gifts from children  created  by their own hands..

Pickles in jars ready too eat

Bird house for the birds 

May  you all know I accepted your Merry Christmas's as a Gift

And the  Gifts from Others in my life

Were the Real Gifts to be seen

Were those from  the ones who Struggle yet had time

Time to reach out and say 

Merry Christmas


I Love You

So now  I can say I hope your Christmas  was filled with

Gifts from the hearts of those you love.

And that 2015 ifs filled with  Gifts of Love

From the  Hearts of Your Family and Friends

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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