Like the covered bridges that are all but gone,
so are some words missing in our lives.


In today's fast world, "TIME", is slipping away from us, literally.
So have some words that were common-place, in daily life.
Words that were used to show an individual's character, and integrity.

Now the word "INTEGRITY" ~ is the part of a person,
who is honest, sincere, dignified. First and
foremost, to themselves and their loved ones.
They are usually steadfast in their beliefs,
and in their faith.
They are people who are revered and deeply respected.

"RESPECT" ~ what a beautiful word.
Respect is saluting and honoring the men and women
in the military, who protect our country.
Policemen/women, firemen/women, EMT's, rescue workers.
Any person who heroically saves the life of a man,
woman, or child, pets, or wildlife.
Teachers, leaders, ministers, also earn respect.
Respect is when children are TAUGHT BY EXAMPLE,
to be considerate of their parents and elders,
and obey the rules. But like-wise, the adults must share ideas,
feelings, and show respect towards children.

It is the duty, or responsibility of parents, teachers, leaders,
and all adults, to show children, how to grow up with self-esteem, "CONFIDENCE", and learn to be "RESPONSIBLE" for their actions.
If a person is to succeed in life, they need the confidence, and firm belief, instilled in their ability to move on, past failures that surely will happen, and find their place in this world.

Everyone needs "DISCIPLINE", which is the training of
one's mind or character. Children need discipline
from the time they begin to talk and walk.
If disciplined properly, If they learn obedience, follow the rules,
they will be able to accept the many challenges they will face.
In each stage of one's life, rules are made, and discipline is applied.
Be it in school, sports, music, religion, military, business, jobs.

Next comes the word "CONVERSATION" with others.
Because of the use of cell phones and Ipads etc,
that conversing with people face to face,
in this fast moving world, has become a lost art.
How sad when we no longer embrace the closeness
that once was so satisfying.
If we can not talk openly, face to face,
about our feelings, ideas, opinions, then
it is much more difficult to move on.

Do you remember the word "FAITHFUL?"
That word has surely gone by the wayside,
for not many are faithful, to their loved ones.

Being faithful is emphasized as being "TRUTHFUL"
and honest, with a spouse, friend, companion.
No inventing lies, excuses. no fabricated story line.

Being faithful is honoring a promise, pledge,
or showing how much you care about some one.
There is NO room for betrayal, deceit, or having an
affair and use the excuse " it didn't mean anything".
In time, it breaks open the heart and shreds it,
and what ever love was there, seeps out.

"LOYALITY" is a word that adds true meaning to
being faithful, in that you will stand by a person
against all odds. A constant steadfast devotion,
to God, man, and country.

Another word that used to be handed down from generation to
generation, but seemingly lost is "ETIQUETTE", for it
is seldom seen or heard, in today's world.
Etiquette, what an eloquent word. It is defined as
proper conduct, behavior, "POLITENESS",
as in showing good manners at the table,
sitting properly, eating properly. Wearing proper,
decent clothes, out in public, in church, at work,
or when visiting friends, family, neighbors,
so as not to embarrass yourself
or the people around you. And how nice it is to hear
the words please, thank you, or no thank you.

Being "COURTEOUS" is paying thoughtful attention to
the feelings and wishes of others.
Children can only be taught these things by watching the
ACTIONS of adults and their behavior towards others.

In conclusion, I write these things, to make you think,
to ponder, what one of these words just might do,
that could change YOUR LIFE and the lives
of those around you, to make it meaningful and worthwhile.

If you think one of these lost words, could make a change
within you and the world around you, and show others
there is a better, more satisfying way to live,
then there is no time like the present, right now, to start.

You can begin today, this very minute, to mentally,
change the way you think and act.

Then you can SHOW, your children, your loved ones,
your friends and neighbors, a different side of life, portrayed
by your mannerisms, behavior, and actions. And the most important part of all life
is our belief in God and accepting Jesus into our hearts.

Written Feb 4th. 2007
©Barbara L. Chambers Carter

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