Many today see nothing but gloom and doom..Especially when they are Faced with Trials.. But in my world I live by the truths of my Ancestors, and the Motto of my loved Brothers and Sisters.. Leave no man behind... If I can find joy in this world I will share it..If I see another   being discriminated against  I will stand beside them and give them Hope..

In my Facebook world  a Brother  a veterans and a soldier of Gods word   started a  7 day Bible Verse Challenge   I took it   ,  neither he nor I  had anyone acept it and carry on   So now  we stand together  sharing the Good Books words together

In my Face book world one of Our Native American Sisters was denied a Facebook  account because she used her Native American Name to register.. Again I could not accept discrimination   and ask all who arepart  of the Native American  world to  stand with her..

In this world  we can either  reach out or remain silent and  I know ilence is not Golden in todays world.. Even if our lands were barron I would seek to find  that one lade of grass showing them there is always hope   a reason to believe

Mother Earth will provode if we protect her.. Our Waters can be returned to pure if we  care.. The Air can be clean if  we work to   change our ways.. 

Caring for our Brothers , Sisters,  and all  Creatures large and small  is our  duty   if we really  care.. Offering Hope to Others

when they are down  and struggle is the right thing to do...

I pray you all have a wonderful day.  and may you  share the Beauty in your world with those around you   who need to see what you  see .. This is a Wonderful World we  live in and on 

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