Let There Be Light

What each of us see in this world of ours

Is only  seen by us

We all  view things through different eyes

We  view many things  differently than  others around us

Yet with all the sharing of words , pictures and stories

It is like  a light has  been turned on

and we can see what others have seen

When a story is shared it is like

Shining a Light on the Heart of the Writer

So Let There Be Light

On what others have seen, what they feel

and  grateful for what they willingly  share

Be it song, video, photos or Stories

Be thankful

I know I am for the many who encourage

Sharing and Caring

For those who see  many things I will never  see

Overcome many trials I will never endure

and share their triumphs in this world of ours.

Written By
©Loretta Riddell


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