Greetings Everyone...
Before I start out I ask you to  say a Prayer for a Friend who is having to comfort her Sister as  they escort Big John to his final resting place.. Another reason we should never take for granted a loved one will return  to us at the end of the day.. Big John worked in the mines  and the other day  the mine collapsed  on him and  the  equipment  he was inside of..John  was also a Farmer in the real sense, loving  God, Family,    all the gifts  from the land, all creatures large and small and he never took  life for granted...
He is one of the reasons I ask  today 
Do you see your glass  as half full or half empty?                                                                              
Many say if you  think half full you are a optimist..
If it is half empty you are a pessimist...
So that leaves you with  what
A optimist..believes there is  better and more coming their way
A filled with doubt and uncertainty
I grew up with a different view on  the glass  and how I viewed it. ..I was taught the Serenity Prayer and  Foot Prints in the Sand..
I was taught to look at The Glass  and hear the message from God..
"Your glass is never half empty...or half full.. Because today I will meet all your needs... Not your wants for tomorrow..but for today..."
Tomorrow  never comes  to any of us it is only a dream of what is possible  through un-promised days.
So when you  look at your glass remember today is a day you should embrace everything  you have surrounding you.. Cherish  those who make life's lived moments   precious  and  unforgettable memories...
Because He has  fulfilled your needs everyday and brought you to  Today..
May you all live lives filled with the knowledge your needs  have and will be met

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