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Another weekend gone, but not without many memories of times past... The great grand baby was responsible this time of another memory of days long past..

She loves to play with the rocks and shells i have on my deck.. And this weekend she said she was making all of us rock soup...My grown grandson said ugh he wasn't eating any rock soup.. So i gave him a little history of his great grandmother.. Back when drug companies were not prevalent in everyone's life.. Back when nature was the drugs of choice..Back when people knew what vitamins and minerals were contained in some of the rocks and shells available to them..So they washed them and added them to a pot of soup..So funny how young people react to learning about their past ancestors and how they lived..Reminding him years past dandelion roots and chi-tum bark were collected and made into coffee..

Well life is good no matter what we all must face and deal with.. If we wake up and receive another un-promised day we should be grateful. A day to reach out and let each of you know you are a important part of this old gals world and hold a special place in my heart...So as this day began i thanked my God for each of you and a new day.. Thanking him for making each and everyone of you unique and the ability to realize there are no carbon copies of any of you anywhere in this world of ours.. Yep a whole fistful of thankful s and a request he keep you safe and meet your needs...

So i sign off now with love, hugs and a simple smile for each of you..

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Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on August 17, 2018 at 7:30am

Jorgelito Hagens,Yes it is one of my Son's favorite books.. Both my Grandmothers were hunters of cures and sources for strength and energy..sorry i did not respond sooner been dealing with smoke from the fires to north and south..

Comment by Jorgelito Hagens on August 14, 2018 at 10:18am

Your comments remind me so much of this book, a favorite if mine, in which a woman is a medicine woman.  Throughout the day she's always on the lookout for herbs and foodstuff that might be useful for healing or cooking.  Are you familiar with this book?

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on August 14, 2018 at 6:52am

Yes Jorelito, there are so many things I collected with my Grandparents that were dried and stored for food or illnesses..

Comment by Jorgelito Hagens on August 13, 2018 at 5:37pm

I didn't know you could drink the stuff.

Comment by Loretta Riddell (Elohi) on August 13, 2018 at 1:20pm

My Grandmothers Family ancestors were from Europe and knew this story, her husband was Blackfoot.. we heard the story from her yet her reasoning was many had weak bones and bad teeth and she wanted to use things that created stronger bones and teeth back then, she felt the calcium in some of the shells and the minerals and natural salts would help her in her quest.. Her mother had also used stones and other earth grown objects in the quest of better health.. And at my age if she was still alive i would never question her reasonings because it never killed any of us, and many a bad cold was cured with onions inside our socks at night...

Comment by Sharikee on August 13, 2018 at 12:16pm
Stone Soup – An Ancient Legend

by storyteller
Once upon a time, somewhere in post-war Eastern Europe, there was a great famine in which people jealously hoarded whatever food they could find, hiding it even from their friends and neighbors.

Three soldiers trudged down a road in a strange country. They were on their way home from the wars. Besides being tired, they were hungry. In fact, they had eaten nothing for many, many days.

“How I would like a good dinner tonight,” said the first. “And a bed to sleep in,” added the second. “But that is impossible,” said the third.

On they marched, until suddenly, ahead of them, they saw the lights of a village. “Maybe we’ll find a bite to eat and a bed to sleep in,” they thought.

Now the peasants of the place feared strangers. When they heard that three soldiers were coming down the road, they talked among themselves. “Here come three soldiers,” they said. “Soldiers are always hungry. But we have so little for ourselves.” And they hurried to hide their food. They hid the barley in haylofts, carrots under quilts, and buckets of milk down the wells. They hid all they had to eat. Then they waited.

The soldiers stopped at the first house. “Good evening to you,” they said. “Could you spare a bit of food for three hungry soldiers?” “We have no food for ourselves,” the residents lied. “It has been a poor harvest.”

The soldiers went to the next house. “Could you spare a bit of food?” they asked. “And do you have a corner where we could sleep for the night?” “Oh, no,” the man said. “We gave all we could spare to the soldiers who came before you.” “And our beds are full,” lied the woman.

At each house, the response was the same — no one had food or a place for the soldiers to stay. The peasants had very good reasons, like feeding the sick and children. The villagers stood in the street and sighed. They looked as hungry as they could.

The soldiers talked together. The first soldier called out, “Good people! We are three hungry soldiers in a strange land. We have asked you for food and you have no food. Well, we will have to make stone soup.” The peasants stared.

The soldiers asked for a big iron pot, water to fill it, and a fire to heat it. “And now, if you please, three round smooth stones.” The soldiers dropped the stones into the pot.

“Any soup needs salt and pepper,” the first soldier said, so children ran to fetch salt and pepper.

“Stones make good soup, but carrots would make it so much better,” the second soldier added. One woman said, “Why, I think I have a carrot or two!” She ran to get the carrots.

“A good stone soup should have some cabbage, but no use asking for what we don’t have!” said the third soldier. Another woman said, “I think I can probably find some cabbage,” and off she scurried.

“If only we had a bit of beef and some potatoes, this soup would be fit for a rich man’s table.” The peasants thought it over, then ran to fetch what they had hidden in their cellars. A rich man’s soup, and all from a few stones! It seemed like magic!

The soldiers said, “If only we had a bit of barley and some milk, this soup would be fit for a king!” And so the peasants managed to retrieve some barley and milk.

“The soup is ready,” said the cooks, “and all will taste it, but first we need to set the tables.” Tables and torches were set up in the square, and all sat down to eat. Some of the peasants said, “Such a great soup would be better with bread and cider,” so they brought forth the last two items and the banquet was enjoyed by all.

Never had there been such a feast. Never had the peasants tasted such delicious soup, and all made from stones! They ate and drank and danced well into the night.

The soldiers asked again if there was a loft where they might sleep for the night. “Oh, no!” said the town folk. “You wise men must have the best beds in the village!” So one soldier spent the night in the priest’s house, one in the baker’s house, and one in the mayor’s house.

In the morning, the villagers gathered to say goodbye. “Many thanks to you,” the people said, “for we shall never go hungry now that you have taught us how to make soup from stones!”

The moral of the story is that by working together and everyone contributing just a little, a greater good is achieved.

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